Extra! Extra! Great News for Moi-Self

About a month ago I put in an application at a high-end clothing store that would be coming to the downtown Burlington area. This hadn’t been my first time applying to an expensive retail store. As much as I valued the work I did at Goodwill for 17 months, I often felt, despite amping it up on my resume, that store managers saw that and immediately thought less of me. Hey, hey: if I could work in a store that size and deal with a meth addict berating me for 30 minutes on two different occasions, I think I could handle a woman of disposable income. Much to my surprise, the day after I put out my resume I heard back from the store owner. We had a great first interview and she seemed really excited. She told me she was going to be interviewing for a few weeks, but would be getting back to me regardless of whether or not I got the position. I e-mailed her 10 days later telling her I’d still be interested if she hadn’t already filled the position, and a few days later she told me she wanted a second interview. I walked down to Starbucks (our meeting spot) praying that it would go well. I even jokingly told people I hope she would just hire me on the spot. You wouldn’t believe my surprise when she did!

She told me that people who were more qualified than I was (i.e: managers at Gap and such) had applied, but that she really thought I could deal with the clientele (heck yes Goodwill and Enrollment Service Center for preparing me for less than savory situations), that I had a lot of energy, and a beautiful smile. Odd, I’ve never heard anyone say that last bit before 😉 Of course I accepted the job immediately and she went into showing me photos of the store, what the bags would look like, etc, etc.

For one, I’m so excited to be working with her and another recent UVM graduate that will be doing full-time (small staff means no jockeying for hours, thank goodness). I’ve really wanted to get my foot into the high-end retail door, as I’m not only interested in fashion, but it can be a very viable means of income post graduation. Plus, I really like the style the store is going for. My boss lived in Germany for 10 years, so there will be a lot of European influence. She was quite happy when I said I wanted nothing more than to live in Europe and wear layers of black clothing. I don’t think I would enjoy working at a place where I didn’t love the clothing. Also, I like that I’ll be getting some hands on practice learning about textiles. I love the way clothing and accessories feel. What I’m most ecstatic about is being able to talk to the customers about how to properly take care of their clothes, because if I ever end up with money to play with (which I sure hope I do!) I still want to be purchasing items that I can stretch out over the years. Cost doesn’t always equal longevity, especially if you are rough. I cannot believe how many girls I know that have ripped their Citizens or Sevens. Finally, I cannot deny how much I’m looking forward to a significant raise!

Things have really been turning around these past few weeks, despite my seemingly doom and gloom post from yesterday. I’ve let go of frustrations I’ve had with people and am starting to solidify a great group of gal pals. I’m finding excitement being surrounded by others and comfort in being alone. I’ve even made it to the beach way more than I have the past 2 summers (gotta keep this tan fresh to death, right?) And now with this new job, which I can definitely see keeping after graduation, I feel like it is a true sign that things are looking up.

And now, to relish in my last few weeks of unemployment before I get back to that school and work grind.

Peel Away ❤