Lazy Saturdays

Life has been uneventful, though very healthy. The chia seeds have been doing great things for my insides (think flax seed but even better) and the weather has cooled off a little bit. This, of course, is a great thing. Believe it or not, northern New England is quite the humid place. We very rarely have dry heat. If you ever go to the beach on an 80+ day, you’ll probably find yourself pooling lots of sweat wherever your skin touches (i.e: back of knees, inner thighs, under arms, boobies.) It isn’t always a sexy scene. With the more bearable temps and bouts of shadiness, I was compelled to clean the house instead of desperately trying to make my way to the beach. This day turned into quite the adventure. There was fashion, food, and decorating all mixed into one.


Pink is kind of a great color. I realized that a few months back when I did a post on a pink dress I wore to class. I haven’t always been the pink loving type. In fact, I think a lot of women shun the color, thinking it to be weak, childish, etc, etc. I now think pink is pretty cool (in small doses) and has the ability to perk you up. Recently I bought some pink sheets, which was quite the change up from the tan tones I was sleeping on for the past year. I love the way they contrast with my dark blue walls, and I cannot help but feel like a princess when I snuggle on in (or wake up in my glorious splendor.) Not only is the color great, but I’ve also realized the sheets are an excellent make-the-eggs-make-the-smoothie-walk-around-the-apartment look. The light weight fabric creates great movement—movement in clothing is so important—and I get to cover myself without resorting to gym shorts and crew neck sweaters. Am I a Grecian goddess? Am I a princess? Either way, I feel pretty good. I tried to take some pictures and I got this  really awesome effect. I’m not sure how it happened, but it needs to be immortalized somewhere, and WordPress seems to be the right venue. What do you wear when you traipse around your apartment?

80’s Movie sci-fi cover? I think so!



After some passive cleaning, I dragged Chris down to the Asian market in the Old North End. I was listening to a raw foodie video the other day, which said Asian markets are great places to look for new fruits and vegetables—and I was bound to find a great supply of rice noodles. While Googling the best place to go to, I came across Asian 99, a store renowned in the area for a great banh mi sandwich.  Banh mi is a Vietnamese sandwich served on a baguette (there was a lot of French colonialism in Indochina) with shredded pickled carrots, onion , cilantro (I took that stuff off later), pate, pork salami Vietnamese style, and a spicy spread. The woman was quite understanding when I explained my gluten issue and that I would like the contents of the sandwich layered in a to-go box, which I would then assemble at home with some Udis. I also took a fat mango to go; the noodles would have to wait another day. Let me say: one has not lived until they’ve eaten a Banh Mi (and at $3.50 a sandwich I may have to live many lives!)

Humble looking, yet amazing.

Take. No. Prisoners.

Flowers and Rings: My Favorite Things

Before going out to meet a friend, I realized the apartment needed one final touch to spruce things up. My fake flowers have been a fuss-free godsend, but the other day I noticed some pink flowers growing right outside the apartment. With a water filled Mason jar and kitchen scissors, I stole away and clipped some branches off the bush. I added a few drops of bleach to help preserve them, and, voila, I was able to bring my mood enhancing pink motif into the kitchen. Let’s start making bets on how long I can keep them alive. Ps: Peep the awesome ring!

My Martha S. is shining through!


My days have been less hectic, but I’ve been finding ways to make the most of them!

Peel away ❤