Here are pics from last weekend’s trip to Montreal. Chris was an awesome co-pilot and we made it there in one piece (there was one sketchy road section) and without getting lost. Had it not been for him, I’d still be driving around Montreal.

I absolutely adore my Godfather’s Condo. It’s on the 17th floor and the decorating is so awesome, and the natural light is great. More importantly, he has an awesome set of binoculars, which made being a Peeping Tina way easier.

Someone was to lazy to clean off the back window. That’s safe, right? On our way north!

Ah, the mega-couch!

awwwzers, mi amour!

Not staged :-p That painting has a creepy blue eye that follows you everywhere.

Obligatory yoga photo. I really like this one.

You have to get a little tipsy off some Moscato before shopping.

How’d I get sucha cuutie patootie? ❤









I bit the bullet and got some wide bottom pants. They look cuter in person, but I love the cut. Since I normally wear leggins I go loose on top, so it was weird to flip flop!

My french is poor, but sales percentage signs know no language barrier!


Took the buns off my sliders. Ah, the life of a gluten-intolerant. Some delicious poutine (I think there is a bit of wheat in the gravy, but it didn’t seem to bother me toooo much.) Some cheesecake! bless the sweet waiters who cut the crust off for me 🙂 You’ve prob. noticed this hasn’t been the healthiest weekend, but it’s nice to treat yourself!

Some Baileys. Omg. Yes. Omg. This drink was the death of me. My God father doesn’t drink, but he keeps the liquor cabinet stocked because a lot of this friend’s use the place. I didn’t think to check the expiration date and ended up spending 3 hours close to a trash bin. I didn’t realize it had expired back in 2009 until the day we left. Thankfully I felt better early enough to go out. I’m someone who isn’t used to throwing up, so it’s kinda an ordeal when I had to. I felt like a cat that does the whole gagging bit. Word to the wise: check dates :-\

My purchases! I went into a store I couldn’t afford and was elated to find out that this awesome $240purse was on sale for $60! You’d be hard pressed to find a decent $60 purse at TJMaxx. I also got some jeans at Forever 21. The jeans from that store always fit me so well,  and since they were only $12 I decided to get 2 pairs of the blue ones in case something happened. It was really nice to treat myself to some new things.

Out shopping! Chris is wayyy cute. We went out to this Mediterranean restaurant. They asked if we had reservations and we said no. They let us sit down and then didn’t come to our tables for 15 minutes, and the place certainly wasn’t busy. Needless to say, we got up quietly and left. I didn’t feel like making dinner, but seeing the $25 price tag attached to a salmon meal I could easily make myself encouraged us to get some stuff from the store around the block. I was really excited about the smoked salmon and on the far left showing off how to look sassy and fashionable while shopping 😉

Some haddock, smoked salmon, strawberries, six eggs, green beans, lemon= $12.91 !!! Less than the cost of a meal for one person. We were pretty happy.

Chris is such a great sous-chef

Looking hard, feeling like a strong woman, peeping around the corner. We were on  our way back to the bar!

I did the typical girl thing and brought home something. This time it was a hub cap. I have big plans to spray paint it an awesome gold. The pic on the right is from the APTN (Aboriginal People’s Television Network.) Canada has a big Native American population, and it was fun to watch sitcom shows catered to them.

Breakfast: some scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. We also noshed on lots of strawberries.

Dressing up for the last day. Notice the red lips. Lately I’ve been on a red lipstick bend. Mascara, lips, and I’m out the door!

Our favorite pub! We went there in the summer and returned this trip. All the bartenders wear kilts, which is awesome. They also have a great cider on tap.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Interesting branches. Occupy rally that the cops lead; Clearly, I don’t think we were in American anymore.

I know a front when I see one…

Canadian Reese’s are far superior to American. Planning on moving!





Bon Voyage

Bonjour, mon amis!

C’est petit amis et mois sont…going to Montreal tomorrow! Hey, french class was a long time ago!

But yes, Chris and I are going taking an over the border over night trip to bop around in the shops,

eat poutine, and drink fancy martinis. My god father has an awesome condo behind the Bell

Center (Centre Bell), which is in close proximity to St. Catherine street and the bustling

night life. Fingers crossed that we a.) don’t get lost and b.) don’t get stopped at the border.

Driving long distances is always so much fun when you have a companion to keep you company.

Those audio books can get a little dry sometimes. Because I love my father and don’t want him to

have a heart attack when he gets this month’s phone bill, I won’t be texting or tweeting away.

However, I am downloading Instaphoto (yeah, blackberries aren’t cool enough for instagram) so I can

take some fun photos of pretty trinkets, my lipstick covered cups, and Chris being cute.

See you all on Monday!


PS: Meet Harold, our baby.

“Harold escaped the chopping block because he was sprouting,” is how Chris

kindly put the culinary pardon into words. At first I was going to throw “Harold” away, but I decided to let him stay  on top of the

fridge with his onion brethren.Chris noticed his sprouts were growing toward the light from the window allllllll the way

across the kitchen and suggested I put him on the dining room table for some prime location sunshine. Hopefully he grows

a bit more while we are gone– as long as I don’t end up with a Little Shop of Horrors situation; Feeeeeeeed me Seymour!

Any ideas on what I should do with it?