Upside Down

I like to think my life isn’t falling apart. But it kind of is. Okay, so maybe  I’m being a little over dramatic. Nonetheless, I’ve got some seismic plate shifting going on. For starters there is the whole single thing. And a few days ago I put in my notice at the Goodwill, after my boss went psycho crazy on me (and like everyone one else. Lady, I get it. You’re menopausal, but that isn’t an excuse to vent your anger and hot flashes. I don’t get snippy when I’m PMSing…end of rant). I’ve wanted to quit for a long time, but I was kind of waiting to have another job lined up, but after the altercation—and good phone call with my mom—I decided it was time to say goodbye. I then proceeded to go home and down an entire bottle of Rose, while watching some Netflix. Note to all: if you feel the need to have one of those nights I like to call “Wine Whines” go with Rose. At 5% alcohol content finishing the whole bottle will leave you very tipsy, but not sufficiently plastered like stronger reds.Although I have no desire to drink that much again for a long time, I definitely needed that night.

I’ve spent the past 17 months at Goodwill, so it’s a bit weird to not have to tie on my apron, and I’m definitely going to miss my 30% discount, but enough is enough. It was causing wayyyy to much unnecessary stress in my life. I still have my second job until the end of the month, and I have enough money for two months rent, but my days are basically going from usually having to work 6 days a week to having all this free time. Eerie. Of course I’m working on finding a job, but I wouldn’t say I’m running out the door. At least not until next week. I’m kind of looking forward to the break, of being able to relax on my porch, sleep in, and go to yoga when I want. OOh timeeeee is on my sideeee, yes it is. I admit, it’s a little scary, but so was working at the GW, walking on eggshells, waiting for my boss to lash out at someone. No thank you!

But back to the porch: that’s just what I did all stinking day. I poured myself a glass of water with some lemon slices, donned my belly baring crop top, grabbed a blanket, my least favorite yoga mat for cushion, and parked my cheekies outside all day to read The Hunger Games. I know, I’m a little behind the times…. Anyway, I’m excited to say I finished the entire book in one afternoon, got a little teary eyed at a particular scene (hint: it involves a net, Mockingjay birds, and a spear), and got transported into a world of starvation, injuries, and budding love. I’d say that was a success.

Let’s see what summer holds

Peel Away ❤


Summertime and the livin’s easy

^^ See this movie!

Summer break is here! I’ve sufficiently caught up on some much needed rest, thus it’s time for me to do what I assume many a blogger is doing and write the “my summer” post!

Read like a fiend

I have absolutely no excuse not to. Summer is great for reading and hobbies. Even if you are putting in mad hours at a job, you don’t have all that pesky paper work known as homework to consume your life when you’ve finished for the night. As you can see, I have a few books to preoccupy myself with. I have this habit during my breaks at The Goodwill of buying books that look interesting and then I never getting around to reading them. No longer! I’m really excited to take a peek at the two Carl Hiaasen books. I love his work! I even studied him Fall Semester during Literature Seminar. He never lets me down. Middlesex is a book I read in high school, but it was so good I’d love to read it again, which means a lot because I rarely give books a second go-around. I also have some cool yoga books in there (no, not EAT-PRAY-LOVE), and I hope to start reading bits and pieces of the Gita. It’s kind of a heavy read, so maybe I’ll chew on it like a sweet  bovine might munch on a clump of grass—slowly and deliberately. Sorry, the writer inside me likes to be silly, but really, I’ll probably do 2 pages a day and reflect back when all is finished. I also have a guilty read in there, you know, the kind of thing you bring to the beach. Bet you can figure out which one it is!  I also plan on keeping up with my poetry and writing a piece a week and submitting to a few places every month. Oh the toil’s of us writer folk.

Hone my food photography skills

This summer I’m buying a new camera and lens, but I swear I’m going to learn how to use it properly. I’m going to be sticking with the Canon family, so I’m very excited to get that security deposit check back so I can go shopping. Until then, I’ve been playing around with my little guy and seeing how I can tinker with lighting, aperture, and the “f” function.  I’m not sure what the “f” function means, but I know when I fiddle with it things get either lighter or darker in a very cool way. My user manual is AWOL so I’m kind of figuring stuff out for myself, which is honestly the best because its keeping me from becoming technologically overwhelmed.  So, I’m more of less ditzy-dancing my way into the world of photography! This blog post was SUPER helpful, and anyone else looking into food photography should go there. Taking some sage advice from the blogger, the first thing I did was go out and buy some white plates to shoot my food on. It really does look a lot cleaner. When I move into my new place I’m going to buy a little end table that is for my food photography and food photography only and plant it right in front of the window. I’m starting to realize I need to start making my fun meals for lunch so I can utilize the natural light #foodbloggerproblems.

Some shots I’ve been playing around with


Write a book

Yup, I’m writing a yoga book for my Capstone project, which isn’t due till next spring, but it obviously takes a few months to write, edit, and photograph a book. I’m thinking ahead! It’s going to be about arm balances and inversions, because I like living life on the edge and upside down (can you sense a possible title brewing?) Next week I start figuring out what poses I want to feature, and I’m sure you readers will all be my guinea pigs!

Besides devoting more time to the blog, those are my three biggest priorities, and I imagine keeping the list short and sweet will make these hopes more obtainable. Plus, I honestly want the chance to kind of relax this summer. I’ve been busting butt for a year, and a little chill time would be much appreciated.

I’d love to hear everyone’s plans for the summer!

Peel Away ❤