So long, farewell, and dream of poutine!

I wish I had an exciting or reasonable excuse as to why I haven’t been updating this blog. I guess the truest thing I could say is that last semester in Creative Non-Fiction I was living and breath and writing pages upon pages of food writing. I was also extremely busy, running around like a headless hen, that my meals weren’t exactly exciting or terribly worth sharing. I also was falling for a new guy, and we all know courting takes up a lot of time 😉  I thought a lot about if I wanted to take this blog forward, can it, can all kinds of internet writing, or something of the sorts.

I’ve decided to move away from Peel, but when something goes away another takes its place. Come visit me on my new site I dream of poutine. The posts will be shorter and I’ll be extensively using Instagram (which I’ve genuinely fallen in love with over the past few months). Think of it as an Amuse-Bouche instead of a seven course meal.

Thank you for popping in and continue to Peel Away!

❤ Jocellyn

Bon Voyage

Bonjour, mon amis!

C’est petit amis et mois sont…going to Montreal tomorrow! Hey, french class was a long time ago!

But yes, Chris and I are going taking an over the border over night trip to bop around in the shops,

eat poutine, and drink fancy martinis. My god father has an awesome condo behind the Bell

Center (Centre Bell), which is in close proximity to St. Catherine street and the bustling

night life. Fingers crossed that we a.) don’t get lost and b.) don’t get stopped at the border.

Driving long distances is always so much fun when you have a companion to keep you company.

Those audio books can get a little dry sometimes. Because I love my father and don’t want him to

have a heart attack when he gets this month’s phone bill, I won’t be texting or tweeting away.

However, I am downloading Instaphoto (yeah, blackberries aren’t cool enough for instagram) so I can

take some fun photos of pretty trinkets, my lipstick covered cups, and Chris being cute.

See you all on Monday!


PS: Meet Harold, our baby.

“Harold escaped the chopping block because he was sprouting,” is how Chris

kindly put the culinary pardon into words. At first I was going to throw “Harold” away, but I decided to let him stay  on top of the

fridge with his onion brethren.Chris noticed his sprouts were growing toward the light from the window allllllll the way

across the kitchen and suggested I put him on the dining room table for some prime location sunshine. Hopefully he grows

a bit more while we are gone– as long as I don’t end up with a Little Shop of Horrors situation; Feeeeeeeed me Seymour!

Any ideas on what I should do with it?