Waste Not, Want Not: Sangria!

I’m really fond of my little phrases, if you haven’t noticed.

Up there with “God helps those who help themselves,” (say that 10x fast) I’m a big fan of “Waste not, want not.” I employed that ideology this afternoon when I found myself in bed with a mushy peach.

“You might be  a healthy eater if…”

I know, right? How I’ve been sitting in bed with a peach, unbeknownst, since I’ve been home from work is a little concerning, but I showered today, thus the peach made its way back into the kitchen. It was a day past the gushy phase, and I almost threw it into the trashcan when my eyes settled on the bottle of red wine I’d bought the previous night. Makeshift sangria…?Mmm, makeshift sangria!

I sliced off the undesirable bits until I was left with a few peach slivers. I artfully arranged them in the bottom plopped them into a  glass and sufficiently doused them in red wine. The bottom bit was heavenly. Imagine if the poor peach had landed in the trashcan? I would have been stuck with an average glass of Cab. The travesty.

Waste not, want not, I tell ya!

Peel Away<3


Simple Salad

Today was an exceptionally naughty 8 hour shift at work. One of my co-workers , Allyn, is a regular Betty Crocker. On a weekly basis he makes cupcakes and brownies for us Goodwillers to gobble up. All except me. Which is good, because I’d totally own that brownie pan! Phew, sometimes being gluten free is a blessing in disguise. Allyn is also known for making some exceptional fudge, so I finally worked up the courage to put in a dietary restriction related request.  I was elated to find a full Tupperware container of chocolate fudge this morning. I had a piece here. I had a piece there. I had several pieces everywhere. End of shift=Commencement of unbuttoning pants.

I was still very full when dinner time rolled around, which worked out perfectly tonight because we were making some salmon with a light accompanying salad. I held off on the salmon—tomorrow, stomach, tomorrow—and ate a large bowl of this simple, cooling, and  soft textured salad.

I got the idea from the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere, and she got it from a NY Times article on 101 Simple Salads.  I love these sorts of meals because the measurements don’t have to be exact. You can mix and match whatever you like and tinker with amounts to get the best flavor.


1 Avocado

4 Small Peaches (or 2 big)

1 Roma Tomato

½ Red Onion (I actually had used the red onion for a previous meal, so I went without this time, but I think it’d be an excellent addition)

Splash of Lime Juice (fresh squeezed or bottled. I went with the bottled this time, because I didn’t feel like getting out my juicer)

Sprinkle of Red Pepper Flakes.

Cut the avocado, peaches, tomato, onion, and put them into a bowl. Because these are soft ingredients, gently mix them together. Pour (or squirt) the lime juice on top and sprinkle on the red pepper flakes. Gently mix again. Savor.

This is a perfect snack (or meal if paired with some added protein like chicken, steak, beef, or vegetarian/vegan substitute) on a hot summer’s day. And, for anyone of you getting your wisdom teeth out in the next few months, since summer seems to be prime removal time, this would be a hearty, yet soft snack for you to eat while you ice your cheeks and dose off in a (RESPONSIBLE) pain killer induced haze.

Peel Away ❤