So long, farewell, and dream of poutine!

I wish I had an exciting or reasonable excuse as to why I haven’t been updating this blog. I guess the truest thing I could say is that last semester in Creative Non-Fiction I was living and breath and writing pages upon pages of food writing. I was also extremely busy, running around like a headless hen, that my meals weren’t exactly exciting or terribly worth sharing. I also was falling for a new guy, and we all know courting takes up a lot of time 😉  I thought a lot about if I wanted to take this blog forward, can it, can all kinds of internet writing, or something of the sorts.

I’ve decided to move away from Peel, but when something goes away another takes its place. Come visit me on my new site I dream of poutine. The posts will be shorter and I’ll be extensively using Instagram (which I’ve genuinely fallen in love with over the past few months). Think of it as an Amuse-Bouche instead of a seven course meal.

Thank you for popping in and continue to Peel Away!

❤ Jocellyn

Happy Trails and New Beginnings

Gal pals, dude friends, I’m sorry I haven’t been around. I have a new love and I’ve been spending all my time with it for the past few days. We spend wild nights together and sleepy eyed mornings. I sneak in quick, sexy bites between classes. I always go to bed content. My new love is food.

Alas, not a 6 foot, six-pack packing, smooth skinned man with locks that flow just so, but food doesn’t argue back with me, or steal the blanket, and we rarely have those “I swear that’s never happened before” moments. This all might seem rather silly, because I’ve always enjoyed food and cooking and sharing that enjoyment with people, but I think it has transferred finally over to love; it was a long time coming situation.

My shopping trips to City Market have been the highlight of my week. I look forward to poking around the bulk bins for spices, different gummy bears to try, and grains to consume. I give flirty eyes to this really cute black guy who works in the produce section (can I come see your band play sometime? Can we talk about afro maintenance?) I squeeze a lot of tomatoes and get super excited when I see bundles of organic bananas and pints of blueberries in the reduced produce section. I take my sweet, lush time in the wine section, selecting the perfect blend for a light-headed night. This is not to say my life has been so dull that I’ve resorted to elevating this seemingly mundane weekly task to the pinnacle of weekday fun, no. It’s just that this trip, which I no longer rush through, is what enables me to have magical mornings, evenings, and get me through the day afternoons. Hell, I even like schlepping back home the block and a half with reusable bags full of my day’s bounty- I consider it a solid workout.

Because of that, I’m “rebranding” the blog. Oh, the dreaded, throw around R-word. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll be switching platforms, or even the new name, or what style font I’ll be using, but I’m turning this blog into one full of food and sumptuous photography. It’ll still be funny and sassy, sprinkled with innuendo, and  filled with lots of food to fill your soul and stomach. You’ll be getting the same me with a new look. Keep checking in for posts, though, so when the big changeover happens you won’t feel like I broke up with you on a sticky note.

Peel Away ❤