Mixologist in The House

Fair warning: this post might be full of justifications…

So, I grew up with a recovering alcoholic as an adoptive mom. I mean recovering in that according to A.A, you’re always an alcoholic. She’s been sober for 26 years, in fact. I’ve never seen her drink. But I’ve heard the stories, been to the award ceremonies, etc, etc. I even had a 5 month stint of sobriety the summer going into sophomore year o f college when I thought I was an alcoholic (turns out I was just a bad drinker, and not an alcoholic.) But growing up around the sponsors and rhetoric makes me always hypersensitive to my drinking habits. Like the fact that I’ve had two drinks (well, one drink, but filled with two shots) in the past 2 days. Eek! And the fact that I got tanked the other night (okay, that really only happens once a month, because I utterly hate being hung over.) But before I go worrying myself into oblivion, I have things to take into consideration. For one it’s summer, which means it’s sunny and warm and perfect weather for sipping a drink on the porch. I’m 21, which means legally I can drink as darn-tootin much as I want. And I like alcohol, which means I should enjoy it to its fullest (responsible ) extent. This doesn’t mean going uterus to the wall every night (or balls, for you gentleman readers, but last time the doctor checked I’m sorely lacking a set.) It means appreciating the flavors, variations, and good sales.

Lately it has been too hot and sticky for my go to red wines, so I ventured out and got some hard alcohol. From someone coming from tight purse strings (like, someone help me get the knots out) I encourage you to pay for good alcohol. You’ll like it more. You’ll be encouraged to mix and blend together concoctions that are so befitting of these warm months. Come winter I might start stocking up on wines again, preparing for the cold months, but for now I’m going hard…alcohol that is.

Here is a little creation I came up with. Tell me if this is a particular drink. It’s so refreshing, a tad healthy (okay, justification central….6 frozen banana slices does not a healthy drink make) and something you can savor over a chit-chat.

So delicious


2 Parts White Rum (I went with Mount Gay Silver Eclipse. MMMMM)

4 Parts Pineapple Juice (fresh would be ideal, but I bought the bottle kind. If you want to up the quality go to your local co-op, health food store—or health section of our regular supermarket—and see what is on sale. That ensures a happy wallet and a nice rotation of options)

6-8 Frozen banana slices (these take the place of ice cubes…slice before freezing)

Blend together until frothy (and you cannot hear anymore bananas plunking around) and pour

This filled my mason jar perfectly. Strong, savory, sweet, and refreshing. I need to play around with it, but it ain’t a bad start!

Peel Away those long, hot days and make yourself something stiff and delicious

❤ Jocellyn