Home for the Holidays

Hello, Peel Readers,

The boy and I are heading to my house in Maine for the holidays! I’m beyond excited. For years I got to watch my siblings bring their significant others to family events, and now I finally get to do the same. Mom, I love you, but I’m glad that you cannot crawl into bed with me this Christmas morning! But, before we get home we have a super-duper 4.5 hour drive ahead of us and a few pit stops.  We’ve got the pomegranate seeds ready for a morning meal and those will hold us over for the first little bit of our drive. Since I believe in full disclosure, we will be stopping to get McDonald’s hash browns. It’s tradition. Whenever I drive home and back I always factor in a McMuffin and hash brown meal. Ahh, crispy indulgence followed by some powerful antioxidants ! We’ll be stopping in Montpelier, VT to see his mom who is going to take us to this (apparently) awesome local & organic diner that has lots of vegan and gluten free options. My stomach is already flipping with joy! Then we’re going to travel through NH, passing my former boarding school, and stopping at this great coffee shop in Bethlehem, NH called Maia Papaya. Honestly, if you are ever driving through the Twin Mountain region stop in. I do every time.  The food is great, the ladies are wonderful, and there are tons of boardgames, books, and magazines that will entice you to stay longer and order more drinks. Then comes the  2.5 hour, boring trek on Route 2. I admit I almost fell asleep last time I was driving home, so hopefully having another person with me will help.

We won’t be in the 207 for long, only Friday to Monday, and I plan on writing a few posts during down time and updating everyone with lots of mistletoe, vomit inducing, lovey-dovey pictures. And food snapshots, of course!  It was a bitter sweet discovery finding my camera that has been hiding for months, and then realizing my memory card has decided to stay in permanent “lock mode.” Girl can’t catch a break, huh? #firstworldproblems. Good thing mom has extras lying around.

Anyway, Remember: try to stick to your (possibly new) healthy morals, but don’t be too hard on yourself; you best believe I’ll be eating bucket loads of shrimp! Also, just wanted to let everyone know that I didn’t stop writing the food diary because I’ve been a naughty girl.  I just realized it was insanely dull, and I can tell you more interesting anecdotes that would address my eating habits and health opinions far better.


I leave you with this: Dom Mazzetti. Everyone has their YouTube funny-(wo)man guru. Some people are of the school of Jenna Marble thought, but I roll deep with Dom Mazzetti.  He also so happens to have a video on rolling deep. Truthfully, this isn’t my favorite one of his, but I’m trying to keep with the Christmas spirit (language warning!)


Peel Away & relaxxxxx,