I Shore Gots a Purty Mouth ;)

As you’ve probably noticed I’m black. Not Halle Berry black, like, really black. My severe cocoa complexion has really held me back from canon-balling into the makeup world. For starters, I really need to pile it on if I want everyone to even notice. Second, a lot of makeup people in the area have very little experience working with black skin, especially my shade of black, so they aren’t so great at finding me appropriate product (or they love to go over the top!) I’ve also never really had the luxury of hiding any imperfections with concealer. MAC is the only store I’ve found that carries foundation in my shade, but since I’ve been forced to be really cognizant of my skin, I don’t actually need it. Because of this, I keep my makeup to a minimal: some Bag Balm Vaseline for the lips (if it can make a cow’s udder soft and supple I’m certain it can work on me!), some mascara to open the eyes up, a dab of perfume, and some oil for the hair.

I started getting into lipstick last fall. There is something nostalgic about it. Mayhaps it’s the memories of sitting on the bathroom toilet and watching my mom apply it with precision? It’s oddly symbolic. It says, “I’m a woman; goodbye lip gloss.” It looks great in the bottom of a purse, and there is something authoritative and sexy about pulling it out of your bag to reapply mid conversation.


Two colors for days you want to be a little subtle


Red lips: swimming in the deep end. When you sport a red kisser you have to own it 100% or it’ll own you. You cannot look shy or awkward around town in red lips, or you’ll look like a girl playing in her mom’s makeup cabinet.  Do what I did and try it out somewhere where no one knows you (I was in Montreal.) Get a little comfortable and then show it off to your friends.


I admit, the orange color doesn’t get out much.


This is my favorite shade, and I wear it on a very regular basis.


Shimmery pink is so fun, but you need to be wearing the right outfit or you run the risk of looking a little, eh, “Adult Film.”


Behind the scenes

Are there any other lipstick lovers out there?

Peel Away ❤