Yoga Mania: Clothing

Here’s the clothing video! Since I didn’t have them when I was shooting, I forgot to mention the infamous pants

I didn’t like. They’re from the GAP, which stunk because I’m normally so in love with that store. Some of the reviewers seemed to have the same issue as me. The pants didn’t sit high enough and I was constantly pulling them up. I’m super sorry to the people in the yoga class I taught who had to stare at my red thong for an hour. And to my teacher Ashley who assisted me in many butt-crack revealing forward bends.



Some yoga-spiration. My old RA Brooke was doing a photo shoot and asked me to “model” for her. When I was born everyone thought I was going to be six feet. That clearly didn’t happen, but I always jump at the opportunity only afforded to long-legged ladies.

A rather ambitious early morning back-bend. But it felt ohhh so good. Hey, those are the pants! They look quite deceiving, right? Ps: when will they invent deodorant that blends into black skin?

When all else fails do everything but straight up! It’s much easier to balance your body when you have weight on both sides. It also adds some pizzazz.

I’ve moved on from crow to crane, which was only natural because crow encourages you to keep your butt low, and I’ve always been a fan of showing it off 😉 I admit, in the beginning it was sooo painful to press my knees into my arms, but that pain passed. If there is any posture I’ve been working with forever, it has been this one. I’m always finding ways to get stronger. Ohh, you can see the tell-tale gap in my pants; troubled waters be ahead!


Peel Away<3



Huge apologies

I’m really sorry to already admit that today’s post on clothing

didn’t happen. The sun was shining, I was looking cute in a magenta

dress, and I got a really rude note under my car from one of my neighbors

that read “This is not your fucking driveway. Park more carefully next time.”


I was really upset and started crying because we have a really odd relationship

with the six of them. Chris is friends-ish with some of them from Freshman year,

and I often feel they put us in an awkward situation. They’re always loud because

they know we won’t call the cops on them.  I honestly go above and beyond being

kind to them when I have to use the laundry or anything. In fact, I even left a note

under the person’s car I blocked apologizing and letting them know where the spare key was

in case they needed to move my car. It doesn’t seem like the person I blocked in was the note-leaver

I’m even more upset and kind of nervous because

no one will admit to writing this note. I have no clue which of the six roommates thought

such anger was appropriate. It’s unsettling to not feel comfortable living in our own apartment..


Needless to say, I spent a lot of today crying and spending time away from my apartment

because I didn’t feel comfortable. I promise tomorrow both videos will be up!


Thanks for understanding,

Peel Away ❤






Here are pics from last weekend’s trip to Montreal. Chris was an awesome co-pilot and we made it there in one piece (there was one sketchy road section) and without getting lost. Had it not been for him, I’d still be driving around Montreal.

I absolutely adore my Godfather’s Condo. It’s on the 17th floor and the decorating is so awesome, and the natural light is great. More importantly, he has an awesome set of binoculars, which made being a Peeping Tina way easier.

Someone was to lazy to clean off the back window. That’s safe, right? On our way north!

Ah, the mega-couch!

awwwzers, mi amour!

Not staged :-p That painting has a creepy blue eye that follows you everywhere.

Obligatory yoga photo. I really like this one.

You have to get a little tipsy off some Moscato before shopping.

How’d I get sucha cuutie patootie? ❤









I bit the bullet and got some wide bottom pants. They look cuter in person, but I love the cut. Since I normally wear leggins I go loose on top, so it was weird to flip flop!

My french is poor, but sales percentage signs know no language barrier!


Took the buns off my sliders. Ah, the life of a gluten-intolerant. Some delicious poutine (I think there is a bit of wheat in the gravy, but it didn’t seem to bother me toooo much.) Some cheesecake! bless the sweet waiters who cut the crust off for me 🙂 You’ve prob. noticed this hasn’t been the healthiest weekend, but it’s nice to treat yourself!

Some Baileys. Omg. Yes. Omg. This drink was the death of me. My God father doesn’t drink, but he keeps the liquor cabinet stocked because a lot of this friend’s use the place. I didn’t think to check the expiration date and ended up spending 3 hours close to a trash bin. I didn’t realize it had expired back in 2009 until the day we left. Thankfully I felt better early enough to go out. I’m someone who isn’t used to throwing up, so it’s kinda an ordeal when I had to. I felt like a cat that does the whole gagging bit. Word to the wise: check dates :-\

My purchases! I went into a store I couldn’t afford and was elated to find out that this awesome $240purse was on sale for $60! You’d be hard pressed to find a decent $60 purse at TJMaxx. I also got some jeans at Forever 21. The jeans from that store always fit me so well,  and since they were only $12 I decided to get 2 pairs of the blue ones in case something happened. It was really nice to treat myself to some new things.

Out shopping! Chris is wayyy cute. We went out to this Mediterranean restaurant. They asked if we had reservations and we said no. They let us sit down and then didn’t come to our tables for 15 minutes, and the place certainly wasn’t busy. Needless to say, we got up quietly and left. I didn’t feel like making dinner, but seeing the $25 price tag attached to a salmon meal I could easily make myself encouraged us to get some stuff from the store around the block. I was really excited about the smoked salmon and on the far left showing off how to look sassy and fashionable while shopping 😉

Some haddock, smoked salmon, strawberries, six eggs, green beans, lemon= $12.91 !!! Less than the cost of a meal for one person. We were pretty happy.

Chris is such a great sous-chef

Looking hard, feeling like a strong woman, peeping around the corner. We were on  our way back to the bar!

I did the typical girl thing and brought home something. This time it was a hub cap. I have big plans to spray paint it an awesome gold. The pic on the right is from the APTN (Aboriginal People’s Television Network.) Canada has a big Native American population, and it was fun to watch sitcom shows catered to them.

Breakfast: some scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. We also noshed on lots of strawberries.

Dressing up for the last day. Notice the red lips. Lately I’ve been on a red lipstick bend. Mascara, lips, and I’m out the door!

Our favorite pub! We went there in the summer and returned this trip. All the bartenders wear kilts, which is awesome. They also have a great cider on tap.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Interesting branches. Occupy rally that the cops lead; Clearly, I don’t think we were in American anymore.

I know a front when I see one…

Canadian Reese’s are far superior to American. Planning on moving!





I had a hangover wahhh-ohhhhhh!


This past Saturday I celebrated the 21st anniversary of my mother pushing me out of her womb.  The build up, however, was not without some stress and finger wringing. A few days before my birthday I was contemplating what I wanted to do. Would I have a wild night reminiscent of my freshman year, or would I be reserved, mature, and have a glass of red wine at a swanky bar? I married the two and decided to be a reserved shit-show. Voila.  For someone who doesn’t drink often, I approached the day with gusto. I spent the first half of the afternoon drinking a six pack of Angry Orchard cider (1140 calories and 174 grams of sugar, oii vey!) and around eight I hit the rum bottle hard and made it a little more than half way through. All in all I consumed nearly 2,000 calories in alcohol and an unknown amount of sugar. Needless to say, I didn’t feel solid again until 6pm the next evening. I don’t plan on drinking that much again for a very, very long time. However, I fully encourage people who are turning 21 to show their wild side. It’s the one day where it’s 100% socially acceptable to be a little drunk, so take advantage. I think I would have been bummed having a ‘classy’ night.

Now on to the less sexy side of drinking: the hangover, or as my mother loves to say ‘Paying the Piper.’ Around 1pm I was able to stay up long enough for a delivery order of Chicken Charlie’s ribs and fries. I initially had these rather sanctimonious plans of curing my hangover through natural ways.

Obviously, those were thrown out the window, making way for grease, Advil, and Netflix. Dutiful Chris propped me up, and I decided he deserved many bites for dealing with my drunken antics when I had arrived home. Satisfied, and still a little woozy, I went back to bed.

For the next few days I went on an unusual binge of junk food. I got an iced coffee (no lie, though, it is the best when hung-over), and took several trips to McDonalds for their fries, which I’m convinced they fry in liquid crack. I hit rock bottom the night I got the femme-fatale of drinks:  Shamrock Shake.  Worst stomach cramps ever.  I realized I needed to get back on the green smoothies, baggies of vegetables, and glasses of water. What had brought me down this path?

My theory: the initial hangover.  I’m someone who’s always dehydrated after a night of drinking, and, stupidly enough, I hate drinking water when my tummy is doing the wAvE. However, when you’re really hung-over you need more than water. You need to replace your electrolyte imbalance which has been altered due to all  the time you’ve spent peeing.  Coincidentally, most easy to reach for junk foods are packed with sodium, so it’s almost like we’re naturally drawn to them as we mutter to ourselves ‘never again.’

My theory continues.  You all know how addictive junky, sugary, and salty foods are. Unfortunately, it can only take a few days of this style of eating for our bodies to start craving these foods. Yikes! This makes it additionally harder to eat healthy as a college student if you’re the type who drinks Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and, just for kicks, once during the week. Not only are you probably living in a constant hangover, which doesn’t seem like a very fun or healthy existence, but to handle that hangover you’re probably filling yourself with junk food because it feels good.

Now is the time for tough decisions. If you truly want to live a healthier life you are going to have to cut down on the drinking. Heavy drinking wears on your liver, your organs, and can even make you look a few years older than you are. It’s nice to go out for a drink with a meal. It’s relaxing to have some friends over for movies a few glasses of wine. Here and there won’t have a huge affect, but habitual binge drinking (yeah, admit it, its binge drinking—I did it all freshman year!) isn’t doing your organs, your waist, and possibly your friendships any favors. You really can go out and have fun without being obscenely plastered.  And finally, if you are going to drink please suck it up and pay the few extra dollars for higher quality. That $5 plastic handle of (insert Russian name) is a financial plus, but you’ll definitely feel it more the next day.  (source).


Check out these links to learn the science behind hangovers and ways to lessen the pain.


Peel Away ❤


Sweet Treats

Today we’re going to talk about some of my new favorite snacks. I’ve been adventurous lately and trying new things at the grocery store, which is keeping me from the dreaded food rut.  I needed something new to add to my arsenal of snacks to get me through today, and these Mediterranean staples have been helping me get by. Please welcome raisin, fig, prune, and date from the dried fruit family.

Dried fruits have been around since the BC era, and people love eating them because they are easy to transport, don’t drip/rot/bruise/, and have amazing health benefits. Despite their sweetness, studies have shown dried fruits don’t have a negative effect on people’s blood sugar levels, because the amount of fiber in each delicious bite slows down the amount the sugar being released. (Source) Plus, fiber keeps you fuller longer, which means less mindless snacking throughout the afternoon. We’ve all heard the seductive call of the vending machine, right?And for someone like me (who has embarrassing oral hygiene) the sticky properties of dried fruits aren’t actually going to give you cavities. In fact, dried fruits can actually increase the health of your mouth. Recent studies show that “Bioactive compounds found in raisins and dried plums appear to have antimicrobial properties that inhibit the growth of bacteria that cause cavities and gum disease.” Looks like an extra handful for me! (Source)


My favorites are raisins. They aren’t as sexy as pomegranates or blueberries, but raisins are actually antioxidant rich and have a long shelf life. They are extremely economical and are a great addition to cereals, homemade GORP, oatmeal, and granola. They are known to lower bad cholesterol and your chance of getting heart disease. I’m personally a fan of the Golden Raisin because they are a bit juicier.

I’ve also been test driving (test chewing?) some dates. I’ve used them before in cooking—they are one of the few ingredients needed to make a mean raw chocolate mousse—but hadn’t eaten them much on their own. Just three gives me the sugar fix I need with healthy doses of B-Vitamins and iron. Apparently, they are great for inebriated folks, so smuggle some into your purse or backpack before your night out.

But before you go shopping crazy, there are some caveats to the dried food world. Fruits like cranberries, blueberries, cherries, strawberries, and even mangoes can be found in a delicious, dried variety. However, companies generally add sweeteners as well. Even more tasty is papaya and pineapples, but those are almost always candied. These are totally okay every now and then, but aren’t healthy in the long run. Instead just buy these fruits in their natural form, which are just as amazing.

Peel Away ❤


Get to your sweet dreams faster

Yes, “yesterday” was awhile ago. I’ve spent days kneeling on a wooden floor, whipping my back a la Da Vinci Code style to repent for my lateness. Moving on! Here are some ways to help you fall asleep and things you should avoid.

Give your technology the cold shoulder.

Cell phones, tablets, and laptops are great excuses for us to stay awake into the wee hours of the morning. I’ve mentioned this before in a previous post, but when we use technology we are generally being passive. We’re watching videos or clicking on pictures. We turn into drones. Not only are we not using much brain power (and if we are it’s highly hindered due to how tired we are), but our eyes are unconsciously focusing on a pulsating light our laptop screen gives off. Instead, if you find you must do something before going to bed try picking up a hard-copy book. This is not the time for Dostoyevsky. Go down to a used book store and grab a cheap copy of some indulgent book.  I’m usually out after 10 pages.

I spent $1.50 on this book for sleepy-time purposes. I ain't too proud!

Sweat, baby!

If you find that you tend to be a night owl, despite your early morning classes, put pent up energy to good use and exercise. Not only will you get some mean muscles, but you’ll make sleeping beauty jealous. Honestly, some of the best nights of sleep I’ve gotten have been post workout.

Get Sudsy

You can also take a nice, hot shower. You’ll save time in the morning, jump into your sheets all squeaky clean, and allow your body to relax in a natural way. The hot water helps make you sleepy, and if you can find a nice lavender bar soap (or even a candle) you’ll be yawning all the way to the bedroom.

Things to avoid

Weed before bed: There is a lot of conflicting data on how marijuana affects your sleep cycle. There are propaganda sites that clearly think weed is the devil’s creation, and sites I feel go overboard on the positive side effects. Look, I’m not here to judge people that smoke pot.  What you should watch out for, though, is if you have a “dependence” oh needing it to go to sleep. People become psychologically, not chemically, dependent to smoking weed, but it can be just as problematic. You should feel like you can go to bed without lighting up a bowl.

Alcohol before bed: Unlike weed, there is a lot of science on how alcohol affects your sleep. Drinking before bed can mess with your REM cycle. Rapid Eye Movement (REM) is when you’re dreaming and your brain is processing a great deal of information. We always dream, but you just might remember them. Alcohol can also cause you to wake up during the night on several occasions, but not remember it. This can be very problematic if you are a frequent drinker, as you won’t be getting quality sleep.

Medicine & pills before bed: I swear the muscle relaxer I’ve been on for my neck releases magic sleeping dust into my system. However, I haven’t been taking it every night, because I know how easy it can be to start relying on OTC and prescription medicine to fall asleep. Not to mention it can be dangerous. Again, I write this coming from someone who made a lot, a lot of stupid decisions in my early college years. Don’t fall into a trap of taking medication to fall asleep unless you absolutely need it. During Freshman year one of my roommates at HPU couldn’t fall asleep without drinking Nyquil! It’s just not worth it. If you think you need help, get help. Most colleges have counselors you can talk to for free.

Finally, make sure you research any “herbal” remedies as well. I don’t know a lot about melatonin, but I dug up two websites I thought had interesting information. Just because something is herbal doesn’t mean you should take it, it’s safe to take, and it’s appropriate for your body or life style needs.


Peel Away ❤


Sleep deprivation induced alter egos are only sexy in Fight Club

I was inspired to write this post due in large part to a recent dream experience (no, nightmare) I had the other night. Ever since riding gluten from my diet, I’ve been able to dream much better. They are more vivid, and most recently I have been able to lucid dream, a wonderful experience when Johnny Depp, for some unbeknownst reason, saunters in my REM cycle; Chris did not approve. However, the funniest thing about my dream sphere is that it was a place where I could go to savor gooey cinnamon buns, crunchy slices of French bread, and pillow-y pizzas. If that isn’t akin to the cliché of women going to sleep to dream of their exes, then I don’t know what is! Sadly, the other night something new occurred. I had just swallowed the most delicious bite of pizza, when suddenly I was overcome with the pain gluten intolerants and celiacs feel when they’ve been “glutened. “ My hands went numb and I doubled over in pain. Upon waking up and realizing it was a dream (I’m not yet a pro at lucid dreaming), I was immensely sadden to realize that even my once safe dream space had turned against me; all good things cannot last forever.

Anecdote aside, this post will be on the importance of sleep. We need it to function. During nighty-time our brain acts like a computer that is updating itself, making sure everything is going into the right slots. Fighting the urge to sleep weakens the body. We are more susceptible to being sick. I know that when I don’t get enough sleep, I’m apt to wake up with a raging headache and a stuffy nose. It can also lead to depression and memory loss (WebMD.)It’s tempting to feel powerful, like a colonist sticking his flag in the sand of new found lands, when you’ve pulled an all nighter to complete a paper—which you probably should have done earlier—but your body will demand that the sleep debt you’ve accrued be repaid. Not to mention, they call it beauty sleep for a reason.  Have you seen people that don’t get enough sleep? For the most part…HAGGARD, YO!

Another interesting thing that happens when you don’t get much sleep is that you tend to put on weight. This happens for two reasons. The first is chemical. Our body produces ghrelin and leptin. Doctor Michael Breus says, “Ghrelin is the ‘go’ hormone that tells you when to eat, and when you are sleep-deprived, you have more ghrelin. Leptin is the hormone that tells you to stop eating, and when you are sleep deprived, you have less leptin.” (Source)Sleep deprivation is the groggy breeding ground for unhappy midsections and hips.

The other reason, linked to chemical imbalances, is when we are tired we have less energy to do healthy things. We don’t have the energy put together balanced meals and snacks to take to work or school. Instead, we reach for the easiest thing, which tends to be calorically dense, nutritionally void junk foods and drinks.  And if we’ve had sleep deprivation for quite some time, we probably cannot muster up the strength to work out. Over time that leads to weight gain, over time that can lead to low self-image, which left alone can encourage anxiety, extreme sadness, and possibly depression. Get in some winks, man.

In this country we put a lot before ourselves. It’s understandable that we have deadlines to meet, meetings to attend, and possibly children to take care of, but please look at your schedule to find time to fit these things in. I’m in college and I work three jobs, but I still find time to do my homework, prepare healthy meals (sometimes I pass the responsibility onto Chris, who sautés with gusto after I give him the stank eye), and do some yoga.  And to be honest, on most days, I still find myself with 90 minutes of left over time, so I assure you it’s possible to run a tight ship and find time to veg out and get in solid sleep. It can seem restrictive, but you’ll feel much better.

Being healthy means working in harmony with your body. Sure, not everyone needs to follow the adage of eight hours a night. Really healthy people can run on five, some are fine with seven, but you have to find what works for you. Get off the hamster wheel and take control of our life. The occasional all nighters happen, but habitually staying up late (well, actually staying up early), as you can see above, is not doing your body any favors.

This post is going to be 2-parts. Check in tomorrow for the encore, which talks about finding ways for the average person to get to bed without unnecessary and possibly addictive aids. Again, I’m all for medication be it depression, ADD/ADHD, sleep disorders, and the likes, if you need it, but if you don’t then please don’t fall prey.

Peel Away those sleepy seeds (hehe….ew!)

❤ Jocellyn

Sun Salutations + A Video

Yoga is a big part of my life. I hope yoga continues to be a big part of my life. Thus, it wouldn’t be fair for me to not include yoga on this blog. Practicing yoga was what helped me start eating better. Learning difficult yoga postures is what taught me patience.

“Yoga is the cessation of the fluctuation of the mind.”

Yoga, yoga, yoga, yoga.


One: Ignore the fact that it looks like I’m wearing zero bottoms. Trust me: I am!

Two: Ignore the mess. I’m a poet. The chaotic workplace is what fuels me.

Three: I’m training to be a licensed yoga teacher. This video is a guide, not the word of the almighty. Now, I’m not expecting you to go call your doctor and slap down a $20 co-pay to make sure you’re fit for yoga, but use common sense.

Technical stuff I’ve learned: In making the video, you feel like you’re going so slowly, but when you decided to do a voice over it feels like you’re talking 100 miles per hour (and this is coming from a girl who was constantly told to slow down.)


Let’s cut to the chase!!!

Here’s a video of me narrating Sun Salutation A with various modifications for all levels.



This the breath count for people who are not as familiar.  When you are first starting out it’s common to feel like you’re exhaling when the teacher is telling you to inhale. Don’t worry. The most important part is to just breatheeeeee.  Over time, when you become more comfortable, your breath will start synching up with your teacher’s breath.

Inhale  arms above your head touch at the top. You can look straight ahead or up at your hands. I’m currently working through a neck irritation, so I’m trying not to crane my neck to much.

Exhale  fold.

Inhale straighten your arms and lengthen your back to prepare.

Exhale (a big one)  walk or hop back, go to plank, lower down through Chaturanga dandasana.

Inhale Up dog

Exhale Down Dog.

“Active Break” : Breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe. In Ashtanga we do a 5 count. Do whatever you want.

Inhale move forward.

Exhale fold.

Inhale raiiiiiiiise up. Touch at the top.

And do it all over again.

Peel away and namasteeee, hey, heyyy ❤



In case you haven’t noticed, on my side bar I not only have a Twitter reel, but also a link

that says “Facebook Peel.” Click on it, people, and you’ll be brought to the Facebook page

I have set up to go along with this blog. It’ll be the place where I post quick updates, as I’m not

able to write a long entries for every day of the week. Pretty snazzy, eh?


Peel Away ❤