Cheap Appeal

I’m a stereotypical, middle-class college student. I don’t have the dough to completely furnish my apartment in fixtures from Ikea or kitsch, ironic wall decals from Urban Outfitters. I’ve got to get creative. And I totally toot my creativity when it comes along, because I was the girl who failed at arts and crafts during camp season. When my Martha Stewart shines the world must put on sunglasses!

Even if you don’t have a drug addiction problem, living in a very white room can be a little unsettling, and with accent walls out of the question in most apartments, you need to fill that space with something. I had no tapestries of Gaelic designs or posters of Dancing Grateful Dead Bears—which are ubiquitous in Burlington, VT—so I searched for picture books at The Goodwill. I found this really cool one about Vermonters who had generation’s worth of roots tying them to the land, which explains the 10 or so pictures of cute old people on my wall. I also snagged this book about love through the centuries. I think the human form is pretty delightful, so I like having all the naked pictures up on my wall (my mother was equally thrilled.) I will say, though, once I hit the 1970s the pictures got a little, erm, bushy.


I just cut out the pictures I liked, stuck tape to the four corners, and slapped them up on the wall at varying levels. If you really wanted to go all out you could purchase a bunch of different frames and put the pictures in them. I not sure I’ll want to peel the tape off all these photos and re-apply them at the new apartment, so it looks like I’ll have to  find some more picture books!


I also think records are a pretty cool addition. I know out there on the blogosphere some hardcore record lover is cursing me through the screen. Admit it, lover of scratchy, though charming sound quality, this record display is pretty dang cool. The Lover Boy album cover is my favorite. Lots of second hand shops carry records still in their folders, but you can also probably find boxes of scratched up records for 25 cents apiece. Have fun with it!

Peel Away ❤