Do Those Legs Go All The Way Up?

Last night I bought something devilishly fun: a pair of five inch sparkly pink wedges. I went from an average 5’3 to a slightly towering 5’8; the air was quite thinner. It was exciting to see how the other half lived. When it comes to shoes I’m more about modesty. Simple sandals, rich leather boots, and a white keds are up my alley. It’s not that I’m against funky shoes, it just that I can be a matching freak, and few things, in my view, make or break an outfit more than a pair of ill thought out shoes.

I once loved heels—stilettos to be exact. I loved the way they took my alright legs to, lemme be blunt, sky scrapers of awesomeness. But I also have the misfortune to live in Burlington which is known for very steep hills and cobble stone shopping streets, which means my heels only get brought out to an event I have to drive to. But I wanted something new yesterday, and what better way to offset my love of wearing black leggings and tights then a pair of bright in your face heels.

I tried on many pairs at the store, finding the ones that were obnoxiously tall, but still manageable. In heels this high you need to let go of the notion that you can maintain a normal clip. Instead, imagine yourself as a Geisha taking small, strong, affirmative steps towards her client, or in our case, our destination.  Keep your smaller gait consistent and crisp. It may sound silly, but you almost fall into a meditative state in high heels; clip-clop, clip-clop. First practice in your apartment, then practice “long distance” on lesser traveled streets (uphill and downhill!), and finally take your fierce gait to the well traveled areas. Remember, in moderate heels the temptation to lean onto our tippy toes to relieve any pressure is female instinct. Be careful when doing so in high, high heels, because no one wants to face plant at the bar!

Practice is key. Nothing is worse than seeing a girl teeter her every step in heels ( 2-3 fumbles are expected in the Football world and the land of heels) or look like a new born giraffe that is taking her first steps into the world, so get a good feel for your heels. You may realize you need to get those awesome silicon stickies that go in the back to cut down on chaffing and make them a little tighter. Or you might consider splurging on some inserts so you can not only stand coyly at the bar, but also dance the night away as if you were in flats! Be prepared for snarky looks; smile kindly and keep walking with your head held high. I don’t like to think that all distaste from women to women stems from jealousy, but most people cannot properly navigate the world of heels.

A fun video 🙂

No, I will not lie and say they are the comfiest shoes I own. In fact, my right foot is not entirely impressed with me, but after a nice soak and gentle massage—any takers? Didn’t think so—they’ll forget all about it. But the few hours of feeling like a diva were well worth it. These aren’t shoes I’ll be wearing every weekend out, but when I’m feeling a need for sparkle in my life (or come Halloween) I’ll pull them out from the closet.

Do you have any clothing outside your personal norm that you adore?

Peel Away ❤