I can see clearly now the rain is gone

Apologies, kind readers, for my horrendous absence. Life just got in the way. It happens. You know when you’re part way through a semester (generally right before Thanksgiving Break) and you feel like you are about to have a mental break down. Well, I had my borderline mental breakdown at the beginning of the semester. Hey, at least I’m getting it out of the way! I’m coming into my fourth week of classes and I finally feel like it’s all starting to settle. My work schedule has been hammered out, I understand what my teachers expect, and I’m actually getting a lot of sleep. Life is good and back on track.

The thing that I’m most proud about it is how well I’ve been able to maintain my standards of healthy living, while trudging through the tumultuous muck that was this entire month. Chris and I have been making tasty dinners nearly every night. I’ve been eating more regularly on the weekend. I’ve been off the gluten for 22 days. I’ve been forcing myself to go to sleep before midnight. My yoga practice has deepened. The dark-ages are over and there is nowhere for me to go but up. Hello world, I’m back!

I don’t want to make this a lame post with zero health information, so I will share some very exciting news with you. Remember I mentioned the website Body Rock TV, and how the host (Zuzana) and videographer (Freddy) were separating? Well, sadly, they still are, but Zuzana has reappeared after taking two months off. Not going to lie, some people were really pushy about her wanting to come back. Hello: wouldn’t you be kind of reclusive if you were leaving your husband of four years? Well, pish-posh to them. She is working with a new company that uses really cool formats for their videos, and the clips remind me of her first videos that were shot on building tops; very edgy.  I’m excited to watch her reshape her body. Currently she’s been posting one workout a week, so I might try getting back on board – I know, I know, for the, what, 100th time?—and crank out some beastly workouts.



Can I get a hot damn?!


So stay tuned. I promise to be more on top of my blogging game, now that life has thrown me a bone.

Peel Away ❤


PS: does anyone know what the new deal is with WordPress and Youtube videos. Can they no longer be visually embedded?


Flax Attack!

In a recent post I encouraged you to add something “hippie-crunchy” to your diet. This little seed has been making his rounds in the food world. I’ve used it intermittently for quite some time, and I can say with conviction that it’s a great staple to add to your kitchen. Let me present, Mr. Flaxseed.

Flaxseeds (which are also used to make linseed oil) are deceptively healthy. They are a great source of fiber, micro-nutrients, and omega-3 fatty acids. They’re also very affordable if you know where to shop for them, and who doesn’t love affordability? But I got to be frank for a minute. A great reason to take flax seed is to increase, regu, ahh, lar, erm, make it easier to, oh, what the hell, poop. It’ll clean out your insides like nobody’s business, but in a really gentle way. I promise. We don’t get much fiber in our diet, so this is a great, safe way to get things moving. And let’s be honest. Be you male or female: who doesn’t enjoy a satisfying, strain free poo? Moving along!

Because flax has gained a lot of popularity, many big companies have started pumping out bags, canisters, and packages of it for grocery and health store shelves. One caveat is that flax has to be consumed in particular way to make sure it’s effective, and unfortunately companies don’t tend to present it that way; surprise, surprise.
For starters, whole fla seed is not effective. It needs to be broken down to release the goodness inside or it’ll just pass through you. But stop! Don’t go out and buy a big ol’ bag of pre-ground flaxseed. Just like freshly squeezed juice should be consumed immediately (or at least within a few hours) flaxseeds will start to lose potency the longer they sit after being ground. In fact, if not consumed fast enough the ground flax—which is called flax meal—will turn rancid. If you buy pre-ground flaxseed who knows how long it has been sitting out for. This information is easy to find, so it grinds (hehe) my gears that companies would sell products that are essentially rotten. They’re lining their pockets and being wasteful. Not cool. So, word to the wise: don’t buy ground flaxseed. Instead buy flax that is intact. If there is a co-op or healthy living store in your area then buy it there in the bulk section. At City-Market I can get a pound for less than $2! Some companies at major stores sell whole flaxseed, but you’re going to pay a lot more for it.

“Jocellyn, why are you telling us to buy whole flaxseed when a paragraph ago you told us whole flaxseed isn’t useful?” True, it isn’t useful, but you can easily grind it yourself! Search around for a simple coffee grinder, pop a tablespoon in, and give it a few pulses. In seconds you’ll have fresh ground flaxseed that is very nutritious. Buy a teeny, weeny Tupperware container and store it in your freezer for up to 2 days. Have no fear if you don’t have a grinder. Another method you can use is soaking your flaxseed in one part flax and three parts water (I usually do one tablespoon of flax.) Do this before you go to bed and in the morning your seeds will have soaked up the water and started to secrete a gel. I admit, this isn’t my favorite way of consuming flax, but it’s just as effective. Because of the mild laxative effect, start out small with one tablespoon and gradually add more as your body becomes accustomed.

Things to do with your flax:

Sprinkle it on yogurt
Mix it into batters
Blend it into your smoothies

Use it as an egg replacer
Make little peanut butter, banana, and flax meal sandwiches

Use it as an egg substitute:

Flax goop

This is a nutritious egg substitution.
• 2 Tbsp. Finely ground flax seeds plus 3 Tbsp. water replaces one egg.
• Mix them together in a small bowl or mug, and let sit a couple of minutes until it becomes like jelly, then add as you would eggs

Flax goop has a nutty flavor that works fine in cookies, bars and brownies, and things like zucchini bread, but may not be what you want in cakes or lighter vanilla-flavored items.
It does help with browning, and it provides some omega-3 oils and fiber which we all like.” Click here for the article
Okay, you see my point. You can pretty much do anything with flax.

Peel away ❤


Natural Skincare: Lip Exfoliate

Surprise! I said I wouldn’t write on Mondays, but I can squeeze in a quick post that I think is most important for these brutal winter days. All this cold/dry weather has been murdering my skin and kisser. My lips were so flaky that I started resembling the crack-head from Dave Chappelles skits.

Sexy can I, right? Thankfully, I remembered a home-made sugar scrub which is perfect for lips and it doesn’t involve any measuring!


Crack-Lips Be Gone

–          Put a few  pinches of sugar into a bowl. The bigger the sugar crystals the better. I’m a big fan of turbinado sugar, but since nasty lips are a serious, need to be handled now issue, regular table-sugar is fine.

–          Drizzle a little bit of olive oil over the sugar. My lips really needed a  good sloughing, so I made my sugar to EVOO (extra virgin olive oil) favor the exfoliating sugar.

–          Add a touch of honey. Most people have honey that is s squeezable or dribble-able, but I have pure honey which is much thicker, though great for toast. I kept trying to warm and liquify it to add to the other ingredients, but it kept seizing up and forming a clump once it hit the cold EVOO.  Alas, I left the honey out. Aka: I ate that sugary clump when no one was looking; waste not, want not.

After everything has been mixed to your satisfaction, dab a finger in the mix and apply it to your top lip. Make like you’re brushing your teeth. Pretend you are smacking your lips together after you’ve put lipstick on. Rinse, add to the bottom lip, and repeat.  My lips were noticeably softer, less flaky, and I didn’t get irritated. Tonight I’m going to do one more round and see if I can get the last bits off, as I really like wearing lipstick and flakes+lipstick is a huge no-no.


Peel away (all those dead cells)

❤ Jocellyn



I’m not done yet. I was about to click “publish” when mi amour ventured out to the living room to harass me. So, not sure if I mentioned this, butttt, I’m really obsessed with the Shit Girls Say videos…and the million parodies that follow; Shit Black Guys Say kind of (cue middle school flashback) “owns my heart.” Chris has been a willing passenger seat viewer, but tonight he introduced me to this gem. Eat your heart out.



Sugar, Sugar how you get so fly?


This week keeps getting better and better. Yesterday I went to start my car…no luck! I think I have a broken V-belt which controls my power steering, brakes, A/C, and something else, and since I have an Audi it’s going to cost a butt load to fix. And I have to get my car towed. And no places are open on the weekend. And being a female I must be 100% on top of my knowledge game when I go in so I don’t get ripped off.  And Chris’s brother still cannot get this dumb virus off my computer. I’m really trying to keep it together, but please, someone throw me a bone. Deep breaths.  So while I’m stuck in the library waiting for my Dad to call me back about what to do, I decided to write today’s blog post on one of my favorite topics. Sugar—the white, grainy devil.

Credit: (Flickr) Darren Tunnicliff

Now, I’m not talking about the natural sugars found in fruits, but you probably already guessed that. I’m talk about the sugars added to our food.  Go find a seemingly healthy item you have in your house—maybe some Chobani Fruit Greek Yogurt—and read the nutrition label. You’ll find the grams of protein, sodium, fat, trans fat, etc., and what percentage of your daily value (if you are on a 2,000 calorie diet, remember) you’ve used up eating the food. Notice how sugar doesn’t have a daily value %.  I thought this was kind of funky, as the heightened amounts of refined sugar we eat in this country is such a problem.  I did some in-depth research (okay, Google searches) and found that the reason sugar does not have a daily value % is because refined sugar has zero nutritional value and isn’t necessary in our diet. But at the same time it surprises me that there isn’t a spot on the label that mentions this and also gives an idea of the maximum grams of sugar we should be eating a day.

Allow me to put on a tinfoil hat and crazy bug eyes and call out conspiracy. It honestly wouldn’t surprise me if lobbyists for sugar companies are encouraging forcing whoever is in charge of labeling to keep this knowledge from the general population, so they can continue to fill our bellies with unnecessary gunk. If you think the USDA or FDA is looking out for your best interest then think again! Follow the money, baby.

Let’s not be completely hopeless. If the media won’t give accurate portrayals we find our own. If we have no coordination for most physical activities we search high and low until we find something that fits. So we aren’t going to sit here and suck on our thumb or wring our fingers over this sugar issue. We use Google! This was the most legitimate website I found that gives a straight forward, already converted into grams answer, as I don’t think in teaspoons.

Emily Main, the author of the story, writes, “The recommended sugar intake for adult women is 5 teaspoons (20 grams) of sugar per day, for adult men, it’s 9 teaspoons (36 grams) daily, and for children, it’s 3 teaspoons (12 grams) a day.” Tosca Reno, queen of the Eat Clean Diet, suggests eating snacks with less than 10 grams of added sugar (hard, but do-able.)

Now look at that item I told you to grab. Now back to me. Now back to the grams of sugar. Now back to me. Gasp. You’ve probably noticed that the grams of sugar are in the double digits. If you happened to have some flavored Greek Yogurt that has been touted as healthy you’ll probably see something like 23grams. Shock and awe of unhealthy proportions. Thankfully, most of our should be healthy but are really unhealthy sugar habits can be cleared up with a little bit of taste bud rewiring.

Yogurt- Start by buying plain (no, not vanilla, plain!) yogurt and adding your own fruit. Drizzle on a little bit of honey, which is still a sugar but more natural. If you have an awesome hand held blending stick then whip it all up. You won’t have to buy all those little containers, and most plain Greek yogurt has 9 grams of sugar per serving and the same amount of protein.

Tea and Coffee- My motto is if I cannot drink it straight then I shouldn’t venture down the rabbit hole. Find drinks that you only need to add a sprinkle of sweetener too.  Every so often it’s okay to have an indulgent drink of tea with milk and honey or Starbucks Coffee, but if it’s an everyday ordeal start cutting back.

Check Labels-  You now know the numbers, so be honest with yourself and decide if that snack you want is super necessary or something you can hold off on.

Check out this WebMD site on more interesting and eye opening information on sugar.

Peel Away ❤


Eating healthy at school- Salad & other tips

I have the college luxury of being able to cook my own meals, but for 2 years I suffered eating dining hall food, so I understand what a pain it can be to enjoy what you’re eating, never mind eating healthy. Last year at my school—when I wasn’t eating meat—I asked if the dining hall (who claimed to be really open to conversation) could start serving healthier options for the meat-less. A pasta-lifestyle does not a healthy diet make. Let’s just say I was shocked at the push back I got from a certain head chef who “claimed” they cared about the health of her students. It was appalling and still makes my blood boil.  The cooks practically went out of their way to make healthy food unappealing.  Eating healthy doesn’t need to be overly expensive, per say, but it is a lot cheaper to feed everyone pizza and chicken nuggets than fresh food. It’s a sad truism in this country. It seemed Sodexo (the notorious food provider we had) was more interested in saving a buck, getting rebates from the junk snacks they were hocking at us, and being lazy in their chef prep skills. Thankfully, there are ways to navigate the pizza, fries, burgers, and soft-serve machine. One of the first things I started doing was incorporating a salad into my lunch and dinner. I allowed myself to eat what the main course was, but filling up with good for me foods  beforehand helped me cut down on the greasy, buttery, salty, laxative (mmmhmmm) laden food.

Can I make a salad? Or can I make a salad?!!

Now, salads can seem really boring, but once you get used to eating them I guarantee you’ll crave them. For starters, you need to make a real, healthy salad. Ditch the ice berg lettuce and try using the darker, leafy greens, as these are true super foods! Add in hard boiled eggs, cucumbers, baby corn, mushrooms, onions (bring gum), olives, etc. Sliced apples, mandarin oranges, and pears are a nice added touch. Nix the croutons, bacon bits, and cheese. If you want something sprinkled on top try dried cranberries or sliced nuts. And for Pete’s sake, no more calorie heavy dressings like ranch, Italian, or Catalina! Why undo all your hard work by slathering it in gunk? Instead drizzle on some balsamic vinegar and olive oil. You’ll feel fresh and light afterward, and since your stomach registers volumes you won’t be as ravenous.

At the same time,  accept the fact that your body will crave different things during different times of the year. A lot of it is weather dependent. Most people like eating salads, fruits, and raw vegetables during the hot summer months and warm, hearty foods during the winter. During the fall season you have to practically force a salad down my throat, but oddly enough, come winter, I’m back on the greens. We’re all wired differently, but I can safely say that most of us could use more salads in our lives.

Just as delicious!

Other tips:

Only get ice cream or a dessert one day of the week.

Even if it kills you, get up in time to have a sit down breakfast of eggs, oatmeal, milk, juice, yogurt, etc, whatever you want. Don’t be the student who’s always grabbing a bagel on the run; trust me, your waist will thank you.

Wean yourself off of sugary sodas and juices by starting each meal with at least one glass of water.

Grab fruit like bananas, oranges, and apples for mid-day snacks.

Peel Away ❤


Look. Touch. Move

There, I came up with a much better name for the poorly titled blog post: mirror, mirror; touch my body; move it. I wouldn’t say it’s up there with Eat. Pray. Love, but I’m making small gains.

Today’s topic is all about healthy vanity and getting off the couch. Here’s a little back story. When I was 14 months old I was adopted from Haiti by a white family from a very white area. I think there may have been one other black girl, so from day one my parents have always doted over me. I admit that I was a damn cute baby—diaper ad baby cute—and adorable young one, so I’m sure my parents and peoples’ kind words weren’t lies, but I think being the only black girl encouraged them to make sure I knew I was beautiful, as I had no one else to really look up too. That being said, it was probably the catalyst to my vanity. I adored looking in mirrors when I was younger, and it is habit that I’ve carried into adult hood (it has slowed down the past few years.) But I believe it is something we should all do more of!

Typically, when we have body issues we avoid looking at ourselves and wear baggy shirts and pants to cover our insecurities. Ladies and gents, I encourage you to take off your clothes—even your skivvies—and look at yourself naked. Get to know your body: the places you dip, curve, bulge, pucker, or are bony. I guarantee you’ll find parts, possibly quirky ones, you absolutely adore. It’s kind of clichéd, but I think being naked is one of the most fabulous things, and if you’re lucky enough to be rooming with a  boyfriend/girlfriend, or have a single dorm room, then take advantage of it! On the flip side, you’ll also find places you don’t like, but you may make peace with them. I have 2 examples. For one I hated my breasts. Since age 7 I used to pray for boobs and one year it was as if the god (and you know how I love my various gods) of titties came down and was all “allakabam!” By high school I was a solid D; bathing suit shopping was– and still is– a nightmare. And for many big breasted women, you can probably agree with me that most big breasts are not like silicon enhanced ones. I’m not super saggy, but I wouldn’t say any porn agency would be casting me for “Huge, Perfect Melons 4—Grocery Adventures” But guess what: the more I started forcing myself to look at them the more I accepted their shape and realized they were fine. The same thing happened with this cellulite dimple I had. I used to hate it, but I realized that no matter how healthy I am it’ll always be there chilling on my left thigh, and I kind of like it.

Step two. Make like a body builder and touch your body. Flex your arm muscles, wimpy or bulbous, and see how they feel. Squeeze your calves. Feel your cheekies. Rub your tummy—trust me, it ain’t my favorite spot either, but looking and it and touching it has made me realize what diet and exercise habits change it negatively and positively. We’re tactile creatures, right?

Step three. Move your body. I’m talking about getting up and dancing. Try out different activities and figure out what ones work the best for your body type. Running is out of the question for me. I feel like a wheezing oaf and my knees constantly ache, but dancing and yoga class feel natural. So what if you have two left feet—experiment with swimming; have you ever heard of someone tripping while swimming?  I personally think everyone should try hula hooping. You’ll certainly learn how to move that body and get a surprising cardio workout! Check out Sharna Rose, a hoop celebrity. She’s kinda amazing.

Me hooping in 2010 during my raver days

Learn to love the little (or big) things about yourself. I get that we all go through small phases of hating our body, but try not to let it affect you for a long time. Are you upset because you’ve gained a few pounds? If you know your body well (and can be honest with your habits) maybe you are meant to put on a bit of weight. But if you know you have been slacking on your care then turn that discouragement into fuel to eat better or workout a little harder. There is definitely a sense of pride in understanding your body.  It’s the one thing we are stuck with for the rest of our lives, so I think we should owe it to ourselves to rise above hating it.

Peel Away<3


Real Women have…Vaginas? And a lot of other parts, but not necessarily curves

I think this might be a controversial post, and trust me I’m a little nervous about writing it because I try not to be an intentionally controversial person. But since I’m writing a blog on being healthy mentally, physically, and emotionally, this is a topic I simply cannot beat around. It’s the term: Real Women.

The first time I ever heard this phrase was at age 11 when the movie Real Women Have Curves was blowing up. The implication of this phrase seems very clear. In order to be a real woman you have to be all badda-bing badda-boom in all the right places. However, the underbelly suggests something a little darker.

If you don’t have hips…you aren’t a woman.

If you don’t have  weight to throw around…you aren’t a woman.

If you don’t have large breasts…you aren’t a woman.

If you are thin…you aren’t a woman.

I think you get my point…This idea is further pushed by images of modern day models.

It’s true that in magazines you don’t see many people over a size eight, but that doesn’t mean every thin model photographed throws up, isn’t living a fulfilling eating life, or should be put down for not being born with T&A, and hips that Lucille Clifton would write poems about. Larger kids are often teased growing up. Guess what, thin kids are teased as well, and I’ve read articles of several models feeling like odd ducklings growing up. Telling someone to “go feed that girl a burger” is just as mean as telling someone “lay off the Twinkies.” The common ground between big women, average, women, and thin women is that they are all people and all susceptible to hurt feelings.

This idea of “Real Women” being bigger can also be detrimental to someone’s health. I’ve mentioned this before, but unfortunately as the obesity rate in our country rises, we move further and further away from knowing what a healthy person can look like. People who want to take control of their health and limit themselves to not eating junk food every day are commonly teased.  As a black woman, I’m fully aware of the term thick. There are many healthy (black, white, and in between) women who have thick thighs. I’d say the lovely actress Gabrielle Union fits into that bracket, and although I don’t’ know her living habits she appears to be in very good shape.


However, you get a lot of this too.

Photocredit: Lipstick Alley

Yes, your thighs are “thick”, but this probably isn’t healthy. A lot of the times when people glorify this term they are justifying what can be overweight, unhealthy body types, and this isn’t good either!

You can be on the “bigger” side and healthy. We all know this gem.


You can be a waif and healthy. Check out model Chanel Iman below.

Teen Vogue. Model: Chanel Iman

And just as there are larger, unhealthy people, there are those who are dangerously thin and unhealthy

The Late Isabelle Caro

It was hard for me to find a photo of a model I know (I don’t really follow modeling too intensely) that was actually dangerously thin. There are a lot of blatantly edited photos to make someone look anorexic when they really aren’t, but this is French model Isabelle Caro who died last year from a lifelong battle with anorexia. She did a modeling campaign to bring attention to anorexia in the modeling industry. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for encouraging digital artists to Photoshop as minimally as possible. And I think agencies that employ couture runway models (as these tend to be the most thin) should encourage healthier eating practices and not push girls to lose unhealthy amounts of weight. But we shouldn’t let one job market dictate how we  treat people who aren’t badda-bing badda-boom.

A term like this pits females against each other, when instead we should be working together to create positive change.  The phrase “
Real Women” alienates many women who aren’t curvy and can make them feel unworthy. Ironic, as isn’t that how people who use the phrase “Real Women” also feel in relationship to the magazine media? Instead we should think this way:

Real women have hips…of all sizes.

Real women have weight…that settles in genetically predisposed places.

Real women have breasts…of all shapes, sizes, and locations (perky, saggy, they’re all good.)

Real women are thin…and athletic, and pear shaped, and curvy, etc, etc.

Real Women…Aim to get to know their body better every single day and help take it to the most realistic, healthy place possible in a safe and supportive manner.

…So it doesn’t have the same ring to it, but I think it’s a mantra we should all start living by!

Peel Away

❤ Jocellyn

Ps: Here are some great places to check out for motivating female images.

Oxygen Magazine, Muscle & Fitness Hers, Fitness RX. Yup, they’re all body-building magazines! Modern day female body building is broken down into 3 categories. There’s figure, which is a bit more muscular, Fitness (tends to be made up of former dancers and gymnasts), and Bikini where the muscle tone is apparent but more subtle. These women work really hard for their bodies by exercising hard and smart and eating super well.


Blogger Ciara Gale. I follow this girl. You should follow this girl. She has great style, a killer work ethic, and a body that you should be envious of…for .2 seconds until you realize that she started out at ground zero too and you can achieve the same things!

Another place to look: duh, around you. Okay, here comes the sassy-Jocellyn: don’t always depend on media to please your every expectation. Look around you to see women and men of all shapes and sizes. There’s your best bet.

I’m baaaaccckkkk!

My stomach has rolled over, waved the white flag, and admitted defeat. Thank goodness those 2 days of gluttony are finished. I quickly re-evaluated my saint-like idea of only eating lots of shrimp when, upon my arrival home, I found a Tupperware container brimming with peanut butter fudge; touché Christmas, touché. No one ever said eating 30 shrimp, 4 cinnamon rolls, various other goodies, and 6 glasses of wine would be a good idea, but it was ohhhhh so delicious. Thankfully everyone else was so knee deep in a food coma that they couldn’t muster the energy to take a picture of me passed out in front of the heater. Oh Christmas. But Christmas is over, and I’m excited to get back to my usual diet, as this food baby I’ve been totting around is unsightly!

As the New Year approaches we are all probably thinking of resolutions and most are diet related. Instead of grasping for goals that we only have so much control over—like losing 10 pounds, because maybe that just isn’t going to happen for you—lets discuss realistic ways to overhaul the way we eat. This year (and for the rest of our lives) we are going to eat more food and feel lighter at the same time! How is the possible, Jocellyn, you might ask? Simple! We are going to ditch the idea of 3 square meals a day.

No More 3 Meals-a-Day

Imagine your digestive system is a furnace. Your furnace is going to work a lot harder if you feed it wood, wait for it to burn out completely, and then start the process all over again. Your body is the same way. Only feeding ourselves a breakfast, lunch, and dinner leaves us susceptible to low blood sugar. This can lead to irritability, painful headaches, and other maladies. Digesting is also one of the most energy consuming tasks our body can undertake and if we wait till we are starving we run the risk of over loading our stomach. So instead we throw away this silly, old notion and look to a more efficient way of eating: mini meals.

Several magazines will touch upon this idea, but the term mini meal can be a bit misleading. Instead it is three meals with two or three snacks strategically placed throughout the day. Eating every two-three hours will keep the “furnace” burning and curb any hunger-related anger. It also allows us to digest smaller amounts of food which is much more manageable. For my snacks I’ll usually have some fruit, a granola bar, chopped veggies, or some “healthier” crackers or chips. I’m able to eat a diverse amount of food and stay sharp throughout the day.

Surprisingly, eating so much food can take some getting used to. People may not eat a lot of food, but many unhealthy snacks and goodies that are calorie dense and nutrient deficient. Fruits and vegetables are nutrient dense, but don’t have a lot of calories so feel free to fill up. Plus they are also packed with water, which is great for the body.  Instead of feeling hungry or disgustingly full, you’ll feel satisfied throughout the entire day. So how do we tackle this? Start checking produce sales at your local grocery store. They change weekly and you’ll get to try new foods on a regular basis. Get lots of containers to transport your snacks. Set aside an extra 10 minutes each morning (or the night before) to prepare your food so the next day you’ll be out the door on time. Relish in your new, efficient way of eating as your friends have grumbling tummies. Okay, at least give them a few bites of food!

Peel Away<3


Shameless Baiting: Why you should check in later this afternoon

I have an AWESOME recipe for guilt free ice cream coming up later today. Honestly, everyone should get a mini Cuisinart food processor and try their hand at raw (mostly vegan)  ice creams. They’re creamy, decadent, healthy, and just over all amazing. This treat will be full of dark, lusty desire.

I’ll also be popping in a super informative post on either why it’s important to kill the idea of three meals a day or an angry rant on sugar: the white devil. Comment if you have a preference (the other will be posted, no worries.)


Now I’m off for a 10am meeting with my work-study boss. Start your day off right, and I”ll see you later!

Peel Away ❤



Chris and I are off on a last minute shopping excursion. Wish us luck & safety, as parking lots get hairy around this time of year! If you are (un)lucky enough to find yourself still shopping for your loved ones, remember to plan your day around healthy eating. Ladies, grab your big purse and stuff it with a few good for you snacks: apples, granola bar , bag of berries, a sandwich etc, etc. Gents: do what gents do! Wear your big pocketed pants?  As Timm Gunn says: MAKE IT WORK! The snacks will keep you satiated throughout your shopping experience and keep you from making poor food choices. You know how when you’re shopping and you loose track of time and before you know it you are Hannnnngry (hungry angry.) First it’s the headache, then the irritability that borders on biaatchiness, and finally the nausea.  By this point you are probably looking around with wild, angry eyes and they just so happen to settle on the strategically placed food court. Out of no where you summon up marathon strength to hustle over and buy a $8 slice of Pizza from Sbarr0, questionable meat from that stir-fry station (do. not. do. it!), or get that delectable orange chicken where the pieces are the size of an actual chicken! Not only are you angry with yourself because you’ve spent a lot of money on lackluster (and salt-slathered food), but your stomach is probably confused and this all could have been avoided by planning ahead. So do it. Be like the hiker and pack your food in. Schlep through the mall with your head held high, knowing you’ve made the right choices 🙂


Now peel dem dollah bills outta your wallet, heyyyyy ❤