I’ve Been a Bad, Bad Girl. I’ve Been Careless With My Delicate Body

The thing about living a healthy lifestyle that revolves around eating well and exercising is that unless you’re being paid for it (i.e fitness models, competitors, athletes, endorsers, etc.)  you’re probably going to slip up every so often. I’m well aware that breaks are prime time for slippage. You are no longer beholden to your usual schedule, meaning you have more free time. I typically go into these periods thinking of all the time I’ll have to work out, try new foods, etc, but, being honest, I really just sleep more, watch Netflix, and keep pushing my workouts back.

Sooner or later you’re going to start to feel bad physically and emotionally. If you have gone back to eating less than healthy foods (or you find yourself going to the bar more often…) you’re body is going to start throwing little temper tantrums as it attempts to process all the unsavoriness you’re feeding it.  You’ll also start to feel emotionally crappy. You might not be sleeping as well, you might notice certain areas of your body becoming softer, and you might be upset because you know it’s wrong. Good. You should. And I don’t mean this in a horrible way. I’m a firm believer that you should fuel the body as well as feed the soul. Without both, life would be pretty boring, however going out to the bar all the time and eating takeout on the regs is not feeding the soul: it’s feeding some void. One takeout order: acceptable. Just don’t let it become a habit! And don’t go on an emotional down spin where you restrict everything and start working out an unsustainable level. Use that motivation to humbly get back on the wagon.

One of the first things I needed to start dialing back on was the drinking. Going out 3x a week and having 2 drinks at the bar doesn’t necessarily equal getting plastered, but it does equal a lot of money and empty calories that start to compound. I’m normally pretty good with my finances, but getting $100 less in a paycheck than usual because of exam’s week and going out drinking like I had been meant having the call dad with my tail between my legs. Not going to happen again!  Plus moving into my new, cheaper apartment  means I need to start being a little more militant about my drinking, lest I want to call daddy-o again!

The second thing I needed to get back in my life is yoga. For the past month and a half I haven’t been going to glasses due to a yoga related shoulder injury that just wouldn’t quit. I kept my sanity by making those YOGA MANIA videos (I should start that up again, right?) and working on my handstands at home.  I’d occasionally take some muscle relaxers and bum around about how I did this to myself f. This week, I finally decided I needed to get back on the yoga horse. The night before I went to an ashtanga class my shoulder started acting up again, which made no sense because I hadn’t been going to yoga in ages! And then it all made sense! Chris and I had recently changed our beds around again, and I was back to sleeping on my basic futon mattress instead of a futon mattress on top of a regular mattress. So all along it was my pesky bed that had weakened my right shoulder (I’m rather partial to sleeping on my right side), not my yoga practice. I practically floated to class with joy and had one of the best 90 minute practices in a really, really long time. Time for a new bed! Oh, daddy! Just kidding…But really.

On top of yoga, I’ve started exercising again. I know, sigh, moan, roll your eyes. I’m that girl that constantly talks about how she is going to exercise and never follows through. I know, unappealing, but I’ve been looking back at the women in Oxygen magazine and remembering how much I appreciate a well sculpted body. Plus, I think as humans we need to sweat it out and push ourselves, and since the majority of us no longer have fields to toil in, working out is the next best thing. Yesterday I did a Zuzana Light video that took 25:27! I thought I was going to die. I followed it up with a clean lunch (haddock and corn) and a protein shake. I’m still pretty sore from it all, but I slept like an absolute baby and feel amazingly refreshed this morning. It feels 100% better to be back on the good food, exercise, and healthy mind set.


10 reps Dive Bombers
5 Burpees
20/20 (right/left) Squat Leg Lift
5 Burpees
10/10 Side Plank Lift
5 Burpees
10/10 Pistol Squats (w/ the help of a chair)
5 Burpees

It took all my energy to muster this “flex”

Our life has ups and downs, and I like to think that we learn a lot from our ‘down’ moments. We learn how to get back on our feet and we start to appreciate how awesome the ‘ups’ really are. So if you are like me and have been slipping for a little bit then pinch yourself on the cheekies and wake up. You don’t have to wait till Monday to shake off your bad habits and start back over again!

Peel Away ❤


Ps: Check out my friend Jillian over at Zest&Honey: She is going through the same sort of business I am and combating it with some tasty Avocados!

I’m baaaaccckkkk!

My stomach has rolled over, waved the white flag, and admitted defeat. Thank goodness those 2 days of gluttony are finished. I quickly re-evaluated my saint-like idea of only eating lots of shrimp when, upon my arrival home, I found a Tupperware container brimming with peanut butter fudge; touché Christmas, touché. No one ever said eating 30 shrimp, 4 cinnamon rolls, various other goodies, and 6 glasses of wine would be a good idea, but it was ohhhhh so delicious. Thankfully everyone else was so knee deep in a food coma that they couldn’t muster the energy to take a picture of me passed out in front of the heater. Oh Christmas. But Christmas is over, and I’m excited to get back to my usual diet, as this food baby I’ve been totting around is unsightly!

As the New Year approaches we are all probably thinking of resolutions and most are diet related. Instead of grasping for goals that we only have so much control over—like losing 10 pounds, because maybe that just isn’t going to happen for you—lets discuss realistic ways to overhaul the way we eat. This year (and for the rest of our lives) we are going to eat more food and feel lighter at the same time! How is the possible, Jocellyn, you might ask? Simple! We are going to ditch the idea of 3 square meals a day.

No More 3 Meals-a-Day

Imagine your digestive system is a furnace. Your furnace is going to work a lot harder if you feed it wood, wait for it to burn out completely, and then start the process all over again. Your body is the same way. Only feeding ourselves a breakfast, lunch, and dinner leaves us susceptible to low blood sugar. This can lead to irritability, painful headaches, and other maladies. Digesting is also one of the most energy consuming tasks our body can undertake and if we wait till we are starving we run the risk of over loading our stomach. So instead we throw away this silly, old notion and look to a more efficient way of eating: mini meals.

Several magazines will touch upon this idea, but the term mini meal can be a bit misleading. Instead it is three meals with two or three snacks strategically placed throughout the day. Eating every two-three hours will keep the “furnace” burning and curb any hunger-related anger. It also allows us to digest smaller amounts of food which is much more manageable. For my snacks I’ll usually have some fruit, a granola bar, chopped veggies, or some “healthier” crackers or chips. I’m able to eat a diverse amount of food and stay sharp throughout the day.

Surprisingly, eating so much food can take some getting used to. People may not eat a lot of food, but many unhealthy snacks and goodies that are calorie dense and nutrient deficient. Fruits and vegetables are nutrient dense, but don’t have a lot of calories so feel free to fill up. Plus they are also packed with water, which is great for the body.  Instead of feeling hungry or disgustingly full, you’ll feel satisfied throughout the entire day. So how do we tackle this? Start checking produce sales at your local grocery store. They change weekly and you’ll get to try new foods on a regular basis. Get lots of containers to transport your snacks. Set aside an extra 10 minutes each morning (or the night before) to prepare your food so the next day you’ll be out the door on time. Relish in your new, efficient way of eating as your friends have grumbling tummies. Okay, at least give them a few bites of food!

Peel Away<3


Tools of the Trade!

Healthy living is a complex balance of proper food choices, exercise, reduced stress, and a relaxed attitude. I find that the last two come naturally after we have found a way to properly nourish and exercise our bodies. In America especially, exercise is extremely popular. But I don’t think we exercise correctly. I am always seeing people at the gym, grunting it out for miles on the treadmill, spending their precious time only to go eat horribly the next day. It’s a vicious cycle. Although I believe exercise is an extremely important part of being a healthy person, I believe most Americans need to get their eating habits majorly in line first. How ironic that the acronym for Standard American Diet is such! This post and the next will lay the foundation for you to build a fertile diet (and I mean diet in how you eat on a regular basis, not diet as in starving yourself!) I call this post: Tools of the trade!

Anything you do in life is not going to be enjoyable without the correct tools that you feel comfortable using. Let’s first start with the knives. You can’t always pop healthy food in the microwave for 3-4 minutes, stir, reheat again for 30 seconds, and let sit until cool; you have to prepare it. Not having anything but steak knives, or having dull knives, will immediately make food prep undesirable because it becomes cumbersome and quite possibly dangerous! Now I’ll be the first to admit that I check on Williams-Sonoma and lust over the Wusthof knife sets—you best believe the 20 piece collection will be prominently featured on my wedding registry—but the average chef can make do without spending 2 grand. I got a cheap knife set at the new goods section of The Goodwill for $15. They are really nothing special, and they get the occasional water marks, but they haven’t let me down.  Check e’m out! You can also go to a store like TJ Maxx and buy a high end chef knife to have around as well. Big brands like Henckels and Wusthof do have entry level sets costing around $100, but the quality is not the same as their top lines, so scope out reviews on various websites before you buy! And to the vegetarians: buy a knife set as well. You might not need all the steak knives, but you will need something burly to chop through root vegetables.

Humana ❤ Humana. Some day...


The next important items you’ll need are a variety of Tupperware containers. I notice people tend to use them just for leftovers and they grow dusty in the cabinet. Not anymore! At the beginning of the week, and whenever I have a spare ten minutes, I’ll chop up the fruits and/or veggies I’ve bought and pop them into a container. That way they’re all ready for salads and omelets, so I have no excuse except for sheer laziness to not throw something together quickly.  I also think it looks more visually appealing than a fridge haphazardly packed. I strongly suggest you invest in one or two containers that are specifically made for salad eaters. There will be a spot for you to store a little canister of dressing so you won’t have to lug around extra containers or bottles.  I use the word invest fairly loose since I got some for $1.50 each at The Christmas Tree Shop! Woop, Woop. As we come more concerned with the safety of our plastics, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to purchase a set of glass bowls with Tupperware tops. The glass won’t break down or warp in the microwave, and it doesn’t stain or hold smells like plastics will. Because, really, who hasn’t had a perfectly good container stained by marinara sauce?!

Another novel idea is having variety in your kitchen. Think twins. Buy more than one spatula, one cutting board, one stirring spoon, etc, etc. This partially stems out of pure laziness. You’re rushing out the door, you forget to clean the spatula, and you go to make eggs later and are greeted by a hard mess of yellow. So you pull out your other spatula. Problem solved (as long as you don’t forget to wash that one as well…) Buying different cutting boards can also clear up any potential health risks. My boyfriend and I don’t have a dishwasher in our apartment (or a double sink, which is a whole other story to gripe about), so we try to be as careful as we can to not leave traces of raw chicken, fish, or red meat. One cutting board can be designated for meat, the other veggies, and so on. It also wouldn’t hurt to get a mini cutting board for the times when it is unnecessary to pull out the big guns, say, when you’re cutting up baby portabella shroomies!

Finally, strongly consider buying a blender and food processor. These two appliances, especially a blender, are really helpful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Blenders make great smoothies and cold soups. Food processors, although not as crucial, are great for creating homemade tomato sauces and decadent raw vegan treats like chocolate mousse and avocado and coconut-milk ice cream! I don’t even want to get started on how I obsessively pine for a Blentec or Vitamix Blender, both are around $400, but a $30 Proctor Silex one will do the trick. The same goes for a food processor.

My mom says she loves us all, but I'm not afraid to pick favorites. I ❤ my blender


Take these few essential ideas and begin marching toward your new healthy life. As a college student paying my way, I can attest that you don’t need to buy expensive items and appliances to make kitchen adventures exciting and easier. Check your mail for coupons to your favorite stores, watch prices, read (and read and read) lots of reviews, and check out second hand shops to find what you need for even less. Buying these items yourself will hold you accountable for using them, because no one wants to see $30 collect dust!

Now Go Peel Away ❤