You’d think I was cutting onions…

from all the crying I’m doing. Not real crying, mind you. Just some inner, writerly crying. I suppose I should be honored to have made it this far into blogging for this catastrophe. I wrote a post up at school. I copied and pasted it into the body of an e-mail and saved it. I went to copy it out but I pasted something over it that I had previously copied. I tried to back out, hoping Gmail would give me the “save changes?” prompt. It did not. It has been 10 minutes since “the incident” and I’m still salty about it. This sucks almost as badly as making a yucky dinner that you’ve inevitably put a lot of time and capital into (i.e, the cauliflower pizza debacle of 2012).


I guess I’ll just have to tempt you with a little drink I’ve been making, in hopes of staving off this cough that is going around campus.

Carrot-apple-lemon-beet-ginger-in no particular order juice.

Striped Beets: cool beans, right?


Lesson learned: back it up like a Tonka Truck.

Peel Away ❤



Happy Trails and New Beginnings

Gal pals, dude friends, I’m sorry I haven’t been around. I have a new love and I’ve been spending all my time with it for the past few days. We spend wild nights together and sleepy eyed mornings. I sneak in quick, sexy bites between classes. I always go to bed content. My new love is food.

Alas, not a 6 foot, six-pack packing, smooth skinned man with locks that flow just so, but food doesn’t argue back with me, or steal the blanket, and we rarely have those “I swear that’s never happened before” moments. This all might seem rather silly, because I’ve always enjoyed food and cooking and sharing that enjoyment with people, but I think it has transferred finally over to love; it was a long time coming situation.

My shopping trips to City Market have been the highlight of my week. I look forward to poking around the bulk bins for spices, different gummy bears to try, and grains to consume. I give flirty eyes to this really cute black guy who works in the produce section (can I come see your band play sometime? Can we talk about afro maintenance?) I squeeze a lot of tomatoes and get super excited when I see bundles of organic bananas and pints of blueberries in the reduced produce section. I take my sweet, lush time in the wine section, selecting the perfect blend for a light-headed night. This is not to say my life has been so dull that I’ve resorted to elevating this seemingly mundane weekly task to the pinnacle of weekday fun, no. It’s just that this trip, which I no longer rush through, is what enables me to have magical mornings, evenings, and get me through the day afternoons. Hell, I even like schlepping back home the block and a half with reusable bags full of my day’s bounty- I consider it a solid workout.

Because of that, I’m “rebranding” the blog. Oh, the dreaded, throw around R-word. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll be switching platforms, or even the new name, or what style font I’ll be using, but I’m turning this blog into one full of food and sumptuous photography. It’ll still be funny and sassy, sprinkled with innuendo, and  filled with lots of food to fill your soul and stomach. You’ll be getting the same me with a new look. Keep checking in for posts, though, so when the big changeover happens you won’t feel like I broke up with you on a sticky note.

Peel Away ❤


Don’t Mind Me, Neighbors, I’m Just Shooting Some Food Porn on the Porch.

The best part of eating healthy the majority of the time means that when you do decide to splurge you generally have a lot less guilt. You’ll also find yourself returning to the same indulgent, greasy, stick to your inside’s foods, which is nice. My favorite “naughty meal”, aside from Amy’s (yes Amy’s, not Annie’s) Gluten-Free Mac & Cheese, is a nice rack of ribs. This week I decide to go with some boneless pork ribs. I hands down like the rack of ribs way better—the boneless version wasn’t quite as juicy—but they were still pretty good, and I used the same rub recipe I got from The Pioneer Woman.

This craving for rib couldn’t have come at a better time, because I had just bought this really cool plate set to do some more shooting on. From looking at other food blogs, I can tell one method is to get out all the ingredients used to make the dish, line up the boxes, jars, and canisters, and take a picture. Alas, my kitchen is rarely clean enough to do this, so I’ve latched onto the other “photo-of-thought” where you take a small amount of spices used and “haphazardly” arrange them on a chopping board. Lemme tell you, there was no haphazard. I was in there with my basting brush trying to wrangle everything into neat little piles.



Garlic Salt (a must have in the kitchen! Throw that on some homemade Mac and Cheese and you’re in business, baby)



Brown Sugar (don’t forget to add a heel of bread to wherever you’re storing it so it doesn’t harden up)

Dijon Mustard (to rub on the meat before sprinkling with the spices)

Getting Creative With Snacks

Snacking is an essential part of healthy eating. It’s not ideal or necessarily healthy to live off of 3 meals a day. You’ll ping pong back and forth between hunger that brings on a less than savory attitude and fullness that makes you want to first unbutton your pants and then pass out for a few hours. Instead, you slowly have to get used to always feeling content—i.e. never too full or too hungry. I admit it’s a hard line to walk. As a culture so used to feeling stuffed, it can be hard to stop before you reach that point. That’s why having an arsenal of snacks at your disposal is important. Make room in your purse and backpack for fruits (fresh and dried), sliced veggies, and healthy yogurt. These foods are easily transportable, but sometimes you want something a little more “decadent” for when you’re at home and can lounge around while noshing. This past week, in the comfort of my kitchen, I tried out a little mix-and-match that delivered tasty results.

Exhibit A

So, I love smoked salmon. Like, adore smoked salmon. It’s a little slippery, a little chewy, and a little salty. Plus it has your omega-3s and protein. If you’ve ever been at a party that serves smoked salmon, the fishy goodness is probably encasing a wad of cream cheese. As delicious as cream cheese is, it’s not something I want to add to my diet on a regular basis. And as delicious as raw salmon is on its own, I wanted something extra to help fill me up. And then it hit me: find something sweet! I perused my refrigerator and freezer until my fingers settled upon the bowl which was holding some frozen red grapes. I love, love, love freezing my red grapes, because it makes them at least 3x sweeter—think healthy “candy.” I wrapped the grape up in the salmon and popped it into my mouth. A-friggin-mazing.

Benefits of Smoked Salmon

Benefits of Red Grapes

Exhibit B

I settled on this delight yesterday during my 15 minute break at work. In my bag I had a jar of peanut butter, an apple, and some pitted dates. An apple didn’t seem that appetizing, and it’s too depressing to eat peanut butter off a knife. So, I told myself, why not slather some peanut butter on my dates, which had been perfectly warmed and gushy-fied from sitting in the car all afternoon? Heaven. The sweetness of the dates made me think of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, sans the jelly which is usually filled with added sugars and the bread which is carb city.

An important aside, I strongly encourage everyone to develop a taste for natural peanut butter. Until recently I was stuck on the generic kind, which isn’t that much worse from you, but has a lot of added fats and chemicals that are unnecessary. Chris had always been a fan of the natural PB and would sanctimoniously hold his habits over mine. Oh, the shame I felt for many months. One random day I finally worked up the courage to try his stuff. It definitely wasn’t as sweet as what I’d been eating, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought. After I few tries I was hooked on Teddie’s and haven’t looked back since. 

Natural VS Regular Peanut Butter

The Joys of Dates and Other Dried Fruits

Don’t be afraid to play mad scientist with your snacks. Who cares if it’s weird as long as it tastes great to you and is nourishing your body? I love fruits and veggies, but, not going to lie, sometimes even I get bored of chopped peppers and fuzzy, wuzzy Kiwis.

Peel Away ❤


I spend a lot of time in my kitchen. Like. A lot. Id say at the very least 7 hours a week. That’s pretty impressive for a college student! It’s where I bring together breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I also log in some time scraping dishes, which is the less glamorous side of eating, though it does allow me time to  catch up on some Netflix watching. Last weekend I decided to make some raw vegan strawberry ice cream. It was delicious, which I knew it would be, but I was super surprised with how Martha Stewart I went with the presentation. Damn, it could have been featured in some home making magazine. See for yourself!

It all started with some cute little strawberries who had their eye on some bananas that were giving them the frozen-for-24-hrs-in-the-freezer shoulder.


But they had a plan, which involved me whipping out the food processor attachment of my Cuisinart blend stick. How awesome and transformer like is that?!  Blennnderrrrrr activate!


After a thorough puree job, the strawberries were starting to feel saucy ❤

...starting to feel saucy, much like Rosie Huntington Whitley in Transformers.


“Oh, didn’t think I’d see you here.”



Senorita Stir chaperoned the mix and mingle.


Uh-oh! Cinnamon wanted to get in on the action. Hey, this is a PG-13 page!




After some quality time in the bowl, the three ingredients settle down in some awesome wine glasses.


Chris approved!



This ménage-a-trois was not incident free.  A splooge of epic proportions!


All smart cooks wear their “whatever” clothes in the kitchen!

Peel Away ❤




4 bananas. Slice and freeze for at least 8 hours. Up to 24 is fine, though. (Slice before freezing to make your life easier)

2 handfuls of strawberries.

A dash of cinnamon.

Blend together.

Easiest thing ever. And it’s just strawberries and bananas, so you can totally eat this for breakfast.



Quick one ladies and gents. Don’t forget to check out my Twitter reel on the side. I like to take pictures of food, new things I buy at The Goodwill ( I work there and get a generous 30% discount, so the buying is quite frequent), and things I’m lusting over. Plus I usually put up a daily tweet that (I like to think) has a fair amount of humor and/or wit.

Also, my China Film class has been watching the movie Chungking Express. This song pops up a lot in the second half of the movie & now I cant get it out of my head. This is a perfectly awesome song to have on brain repeat, in my opinion! I can safely say that after discussing China and all its complexities in 2 classes that I’m 100% planning on visiting sometime in my life. Watch this movie if you ever have a chance.