Chris and I are off on a last minute shopping excursion. Wish us luck & safety, as parking lots get hairy around this time of year! If you are (un)lucky enough to find yourself still shopping for your loved ones, remember to plan your day around healthy eating. Ladies, grab your big purse and stuff it with a few good for you snacks: apples, granola bar , bag of berries, a sandwich etc, etc. Gents: do what gents do! Wear your big pocketed pants?  As Timm Gunn says: MAKE IT WORK! The snacks will keep you satiated throughout your shopping experience and keep you from making poor food choices. You know how when you’re shopping and you loose track of time and before you know it you are Hannnnngry (hungry angry.) First it’s the headache, then the irritability that borders on biaatchiness, and finally the nausea.  By this point you are probably looking around with wild, angry eyes and they just so happen to settle on the strategically placed food court. Out of no where you summon up marathon strength to hustle over and buy a $8 slice of Pizza from Sbarr0, questionable meat from that stir-fry station (do. not. do. it!), or get that delectable orange chicken where the pieces are the size of an actual chicken! Not only are you angry with yourself because you’ve spent a lot of money on lackluster (and salt-slathered food), but your stomach is probably confused and this all could have been avoided by planning ahead. So do it. Be like the hiker and pack your food in. Schlep through the mall with your head held high, knowing you’ve made the right choices 🙂


Now peel dem dollah bills outta your wallet, heyyyyy ❤