Things Every Gal Should Know How to Do- #419 Cook a Steak

Why leave all the fun cooking to the men. Why should they be the only gender schmoozing around the grill with a beer (or gluten-free friendly cider)? Ladies, it’s time to throw on our best outfits, let out a fierce belch, and show those men that we can be pretty and hard core. Let’s show those men we mean business!

Haha, okay. Silliness aside, a chick should know how to grill a steak. Don’t seize up; it’s just a bigger, thicker piece of meat. I admit I’ve only cooked steak twice, so I’m sure as hell not preparing to enter some down south BBQ competition, but I haven’t killed Chris or myself.

Through some heavy google-vestigation (honestly, Google, I rep you guys SO much you should be paying me!) it seems the most important thing to cooking a steak is to only flip it once. If the cut is thick just leave it alone for a few minutes. Update your e-mails; bang out a few pushups; ponder another glass of wine; flip; repeat. Don’t mess with it until you’re ready to commit!

On the topic of wine, check out this fancy bottle I got. The Burlington Wine Shop has become my new favorite destination. Not only do they have mini-tastings every Saturday (a perfect way for newbie wine-os to try out something besides, dare I say, Franzia and Barefoot*), but the wines range from 100% college affordable— $7.99 anyone?—to wealthy sugar-daddy style; Yeah, there is a $500+ mega bottle down there. Something tells me regular wine opener would not work. I really enjoyed this wine. It was initially $17.99 but on sale for $10.99. Even better, the store was having a FB 20% off promo. Not a bad steal, baby, not a bad steal!  I know nothing of this whole swirl, stir, and spit deal of wine connoisseurship, so in regular man speak I will say I could detect some coffee-esque undertones. Although I don’t encourage getting extremely plastered cooking, a few sips here and there really lightens the mood!

What I think I look like drinking wine in the kitchen

What it is actually like. Messy stove. Not enough counter space. Classy.

Okay, back to the meat:

As you can see, I like my steak a little bloody. Or, as my mom says, “I like my cow still mooing.” I used to be a well-done sort of girl, but I learned that the blood gives the beef a little bit of flavor. Go out and grab a meat thermometer if you want to ensure your steak is where you want it before slicing in.

Now, here’s where we get a tad bit healthier. We all know the term meat and potatoes, right? Well, it doesn’t mean you have to go all heavy cream and butter on your potatoes, which is totally fine for special occasions, but a little much on the regs. How about trying your hand at some baked yam fries? They are a great complex carb with minimal calories and lots of fiber. They are also full of minerals like iron, copper, potassium, and many more (source)! Check out this rather hilarious how-to on how to make some stellar, baked yam fries.

Summer is upon us, so start practicing your skills so when you are out you can impress a few people!

Peel Away ❤


Ps: If you don’t have backyard to grill in (or a grill, for that matter) check it this awesome grill pan I have! Bed Bath and Beyond carries it, so watch out for those 20% savings coupons they’re always mailing out.

* Guilty as charged!