3 Peat Purchases

Yesterday was my last shift at Goodwill, and I think the second hand god’s were really watching out for me. I arrived at work to see a fellow employee put this  rolling, tile topped island with a lower level cabinet behind register 1. My heart fluttered, then sank, because placing an item behind the counter meant a person wandering the store was soon to purchase it. The day went on, the shift ended, and no one had come to claim this prize possession. I just had to buy it, that rolling piece of magnificence. You see, these things are expensive. Even the cheap ones are expensive. So, as per usual, I hopped on it with lightening speed. Now I can cook things next to the stove, instead of chopping away under our weird cabinet. I also can use it as a clean template for food photography. I can roll it here. I can roll it there. The sun can longer hide from me (!) and there is great storage for my food photography plates and cups, which frees up some dinner table square footage.  At $10 (not including my discount) it was quite a steal!  I’m thinking of painting up the sides as well. Remember how I said I might try out a chevron paint job on our “liquor cabinet”? Maybe I’ll do a matching motif.

Where shall I begin? So gleeful!

Clean, crisp top

Along with that, after the prior shift I bought a 2-panel room divider to place in front of my bed to create a bit of separation and privacy. I don’t care if Chris see’s sleeping when he comes in the door, but if he decides to have friends over it might be odd. And it makes the living room bedroom division more concrete. It’s definitely a fixer upper project. It needs some new paint. But with the awesome blinds that open and close, and the $3.73 pricetag (new 3-panel dividers start at $60, and 2-panels are not much cheaper) I just couldn’t resist! What color should I choose?

Blinds down: Do Not Disturb!

Blinds Up: Proceed With Caution

I also managed to snag a great pair of high waist Guess Jeans for a cool $3.50 (they really could have been a little more expensive, but we’ve been hiring new people, and new people means a lack of pricing knowledge…I take full advantage of this fact, obviously.) I love high waist jeans. Chris calls them mom jeans, but it all depends on how they are tailored. High waist mom jeans are generally that way to accommodate for the often inevitable FUPA, where as high waist jeans for younger women help to slim, elongate, and make your cheekies look super fine.

Observe (yes, I know one side is more bodacious than the other.)

No worries, your cheekies could also look this sculpted. It’s the power of the jeans.

High waist pants are similar to dark wash jeans in that you can dress them up with a silk or embellished top, or you can dress them down with a snug cotton t-shirt. Just make sure the shirt is one that easily tucks in and doesn’t leave the tell-tale bunch. Cuff them, wear them down, throw on some heels, or tie up some sneakers. Have fun and look sophisticated sexy at the same time.

This apartment is really coming together and I got to complete my wardrobe before leaving the Goodwill. Success all around!

Peel Away ❤


Pink Makes People Smile

Bear with me, folks. This site is getting a much needed face lift. In my portfolio class we were complimenting and critiquing people’s WordPress blogs, and in the process I learned so much about this site. Gosh, I feel like a little 80 year old granny when it comes to this platform.  Since I’ve now figured out how to add additional tabs up top (amateur hour, I know), I’m even more excited to grow the fashion side of this blog because it’ll have its own special spot.  So, speaking of fashion, I have a fabulous new outfit to show off. And my Picasa finally updated itself and I got all these crazy new filters to play around with. Clearly, I’ve been living in the technological stone age  :-\

I’ve been wanting this really awesome coral-pink top at work. It’s a size 3x (22 plus) and I was waiting for it to go on sale so I could a.) Buy it for $1.75 b.) Give someone that size ample time to snag it (we don’t have to many plus size tops.) I moved in like a hungry shark the last day it was on sale.

For one, I love the color. People always tell me how lucky I am to have dark skin because most colors look great on me (FYI: I cannot, however, rock brown or moss green), but I generally stick to my neutral. The top was calling me, for some unbeknownst reason. I’m glad you called, lady, I’m glad you called.


It can be really difficult to find a baggy top. Generally, for it to look good, you need to buy a baggy top that is designed for someone your size. Sometimes, luck is on my side!

And from behind! Since I’m wearing a loose top, I of course have to balance out the bottom with something tight.

This top makes me wanna rock out!

How awesome are those sleeves?! They make me feel bad ass. Like, ‘Imma mess you up’ bad ass!

The final test of a great outfit: Can I pull off some yoga asana whenever my back feels the need to bend? This outfit gets two thumbs up!

And finally, my other awesome set of mala. These, I admit, I did not make. I saw them at Goodwill. I feel like whoever had them before had some potent, amazing energy.

Spring is officially here. Summer is biting at our ankles. Time to whip out those fun colors!

Peel Away ❤



Body Image Series!

Hello, Peelers,

Can I call you guys that? It kind of has a cute ring to it.  There. It’s settled.

So today’s post is going to be short, as I’m going to bed a wee bit earlier tonight so I can wake up and go see my absolutely adorable friend Charlie who I haven’t seen in more than a year. I’m beyond excited and feel like a little kid on Christmas morning. Wee! I’ve been thinking of some posts to write and I would like to start doing a body image series. We’re constantly bombarded by good and bad media—magazines, internet sites, television shows, etc—and all those images undoubtedly change how we think about our body, but at the same time we must take some sort of control over our feelings. I’ve never been considered overweight and I’ve never suffered from an eating disorder. However,  like most people I have had doubts about my body, and I’ve spent a long time wrapping my mind around those thoughts. The world isn’t just A and Z or black and white; there is a lot of compromise that goes on in between. Maybe being a Pisces—an astronomical flip-flopper that any politician would envy—is what helps me to see all the shades.  Here are some posts I’m going to bring to you in the upcoming days. No worries, I’ll also throw in some bits on diet and exercise so this doesn’t go 100% self help.

Body Image Topics

– The health risks of being “skinny” and complacent

– How dressing right will boost your confidence & perceived self-worth

– Girly Chat: Re-evaluating the term “Real Women” (hint: I absolutely loathe that phrase, so get ready for a post that isn’t all “ra-ra-sis-boom-bah: death to all women without hips.”)

– Websites and magazines to look to for positive ideas and images

–  Mirror, Mirror + Touch My Body + Move it, Move it: We spend so much time wrestling with our bodies and being angry at them that we don’t really get to know them.  I’ll share why I think looking at yourself (yup, I’m the queen of vanity), touching yourself (not that way…Unless you want to, because that’s totally cool too), and moving our bodies is the best thing we can do for ourselves.

There, that should take us through the rest of the week and weekend.

Did anyone try out Random Abs today? I went to Ashtanga this afternoon and I’m pleasantly sore, so I didn’t do any other workouts. The knee is acting up a bit, though, so I’m about to pop 2 glucosamine pills and head to bed. Tonight is the last night of sleeping alone in my scary apartment. Chris is in Montpelier and I legitimately slept with a hammer under my pillow and the French doors to my bedroom latched. Of course, I’m really just scared of monsters. I think my basement is inhabited by dark agents, and I’m pretty sure a hammer wouldn’t really stop them, but it gives me a small sense of safety since Chris forbade me to sleep in my car…

Peel Away

❤ Jocellyn