It was a dark and rainy night, and college students were running around naked

This blog post starts with a silly anecdote.

So, I was working at Goodwill (as per usual) and these three really attractive, culturally diverse frat boys came in looking for clothes. One was black, one was Hispanic, and one was white (I swear, they must have been a Public Service Announcement for encouraging ethnic integration into Kappa-Sigma-Phi-Epsilon-Gamma-Gamma-Beta.) Unfortunately, they weren’t very bright and I had to point them to their section, as they were aimlessly wandering around in women’s T-shirts, not quite sure how to get to where they needed to be.

Anyway, they come up to the register and it goes something like this:

“Do you guys go to you UVM?”

“No, we’re grads”

“Oh, I was just wondering because tonight is the naked bike ride!”

“Oh really?”

(Me realizing it sort of sounds like I’m mad macking on them and encouraging them to watch me run around with my bits all out) “Oh, um, yeah…A lot of people have been in today talking about it!”

“Oh, so…they were buying clothes for this naked event?”

“Oh, um…ehhh. Probably just for some party afterward!”

As every teenage girl says in those poignant coming of age books: “I was MORTIFIED!”

But yes, the naked mile and naked bike ride are two pretty popular events at UVM where people, well, get naked and run around. I personally would be partial to the naked bike ride, because something tells me 36D’s+running+no sports bra= a world of pain. I was driving home with a friend when suddenly these girls crossed in front of us in towels with their cheekies hanging out. I gave them several triumphant toots of the horn and they cheered back. Then I saw some girls, boobs out and everything, getting onto their really nice road bikes and biking away. The only complaint I heard was from one very naked girl saying how much she hated biking uphill. There was no shrinking behind towels or complaining of cellulite. There was just laughter. True, I’m sure it took a few shots of liquid courage to get most people out the door, and who can blame them, but I admired all those people running around in their birthday suits. Hell, as we were walking back I almost stripped off my skirt and shirt to join them!

I think if people saw each other naked more often we’d all have a lot less insecurity problems off our own. And it’s not to say that you would look at someone and go “psh, my ____ is better than hers/his”, but that you would see the variety in bodies. Maybe your nipples wouldn’t seem so weird, or your butt so saggy, or your stomach that weird looking, etc. etc.

Sadly, you probably don’t live in an area where there is a bi-annual naked run to creep on participate in.

So I will instead point you ladies* to this website: Ne Te promene donc pas toute nue!

Warning there is nudity, sometimes full frontal, but nothing hardcore pornographic. It’s kind of got a hipster-vibe, but you’ll see a variety of bodies, and most of them aren’t posed overly sexual. It’s like, hey, I’m naked and in the kitchen!

*Guys, I’m sorry I cannot find an equivalent male site, but if a reader knows of one then put the link in the comment box!

Love your body. Care for your body. Every-body is pretty fabulous.

Peel Away ❤