Back on my sweat grind

Today was the first time I’ve worked out since the beginning of the semester. I started out with the best of intentions, but my all mighty God of get-a-hint shot a thunderbolt of muscle twisting pain into my inner left thigh. For shame, as I was only 3 minutes into my Body Rock video. I learned my lesson once this past summer when I tried to keep doing weighted squats after the twinges started, and traveling down that road was not an option again. I stopped, rather defeated and bothered.  Just as I was about to get down on myself my rational brain went: stop complain’ girl. You haven’t worked out in months. What did you think was going to happen slinging around a twenty pound sandbag? Clearly, I need a few more weeks of exercising before pulling off even the most pathetic attempt at a Body Rock Video.

Not one to fail, I scurried over to Blogilates. As a yoga practitioner, one might think I’d be great at Pilates. ERRRR-wrong! This here is the older, whiter version of me attempting Pilates.

I would die in class. I’d be that loud, whimpering person in the back that everyone would avoid making eye contact with. And that’s why I’ve been forced to do it in the comfort and, most importantly, privacy of my own home. However, Pilates is similar to yoga in some aspects and the forced focus on abdominals will only strengthen my practice. I decided to tackle Miss Cassey Ho’s new video The Corset Workout. Don’t let the makeup, cute outfit, and perky voice fool you. This girl means business, and I applaud your abdominal prowess.

I cried. I flailed. I finished. And then I did it again. Who was this girl that was subjecting herself to 14 minutes of pure abs? Feeling the need to get my blood pumping even more, I ventured over to one of her cardio videos. If you’re someone that hasn’t worked out in a while (or ever) this HIIT vid is a great precursor to any of Body Rocks exercises.

I’m Glad I didn’t let any obstacles get in my way, as it would have been super easy to resign to my bed and watch more episodes of Little Britain. The British are “smashingly” hilarious.

What kind of exercises to you fine ladies and gents do to peel away the stress of the day?

❤ Jocellyn