Sweat baby, Sweat baby.

I’m trying to make this blog a place of discussion and anecdotes. From time to time I’ll point you to WebMd-style sites that give you hard-core scientific explanations for the things I’m talking about. But aren’t anecdotes far more interesting? I’d like to think so. How-however, don’t get me wrong: I do a lot of research to bring ya’ll new and exciting programs, other blogs, and websites I find. I spent 2 hours on StumbleUpon yesterday thumbs-upping interesting recipes, tantalizing food porn sites*, and exercise programs that make working out easy for everyone. Sure, this is really exciting research (I even managed to find a DIY link for sparkle-shoes), but it’s so hard not to tell ya’ll everything at once; I’m practically sitting on my hands! Check in often. Today I bring you exercise programs.

As usual I’m off the work-out train. Remember a few weeks ago when I was out the gates strong? Yup, I’ve gone from decorated racing horse Zenyatta, Zenyatta, Zenyatta to one that needs to be brought to the glue factory (Dear god in the sky, please don’t let my internship bosses @ Green Mountain Animal Defenders read that last bit…) So sticking to this whole horse theme, I gotta get back on one and start all over again. I was going to try some Blogilates workouts, but I StumbledUpon a really cool program called Random Abs. Each day the website will give you an abdominal routine to try out. They also give you the prior days workout and you can click on the moves to see what they look like. Best of all you don’t have to create an account, which is awesome because I feel like I have so many floating around the internet already.

Today’s workout is:

11 Pulse Up


25 Butterfly


12 Body Crunch


15 Elevated Crunch


13 Reverse Crunch


12 Crunch Twist


12 Corkscrew

. X1 Set


Yesterday’s was:

10 Reverse Crunch


10 Corkscrew


20 Twist


13 Side Jackknife

. X2 Set

(Click on the links to see YouTube demos!)

Judging by my food baby—I’d say I’m about4 months today— I really need to do one! Though, that is the beauty of trudging through abdominal routines. They really suck, and you can feel them, but they never lay you out the next day.

I also found this simple workout list. It doesn’t tell you when to rest or for how long, but it looks like something that can easily be turned into a HIIT workout.

It seems like you’d do it the whole way through and then take a 30-60 sec rest in between sets. I’m hoping this will build up some baseline strength in my joints and muscles so I can start Body Rocking again! Start simple: 3 rounds?

Before I get distracted and pour myself a second glass of wine, I’m going to slip into some shorts, wrestle on a sports bra (small-breasted girls: I envy you) and jump around like a mad, though conscious of form,  woman before writing another post tonight on my New Year’s Resolutions! I’m dying to know what yours are as well.

Now, time to peel away my workout anxiety and see what happens. Wait, I know what till happen. Whimpering, cleavage sweat, and a sense of “I AM WOMAN HERE ME ROAR!” coming my way in 30 minutes.

❤ Jocellyn

Ps: Sometimes we need some musical motivation to get us through a workout. Presto a la Dubstep Workout Remix. Honestly, what cant you search for on the internet?!

Back on my sweat grind

Today was the first time I’ve worked out since the beginning of the semester. I started out with the best of intentions, but my all mighty God of get-a-hint shot a thunderbolt of muscle twisting pain into my inner left thigh. For shame, as I was only 3 minutes into my Body Rock video. I learned my lesson once this past summer when I tried to keep doing weighted squats after the twinges started, and traveling down that road was not an option again. I stopped, rather defeated and bothered.  Just as I was about to get down on myself my rational brain went: stop complain’ girl. You haven’t worked out in months. What did you think was going to happen slinging around a twenty pound sandbag? Clearly, I need a few more weeks of exercising before pulling off even the most pathetic attempt at a Body Rock Video.

Not one to fail, I scurried over to Blogilates. As a yoga practitioner, one might think I’d be great at Pilates. ERRRR-wrong! This here is the older, whiter version of me attempting Pilates.

I would die in class. I’d be that loud, whimpering person in the back that everyone would avoid making eye contact with. And that’s why I’ve been forced to do it in the comfort and, most importantly, privacy of my own home. However, Pilates is similar to yoga in some aspects and the forced focus on abdominals will only strengthen my practice. I decided to tackle Miss Cassey Ho’s new video The Corset Workout. Don’t let the makeup, cute outfit, and perky voice fool you. This girl means business, and I applaud your abdominal prowess.

I cried. I flailed. I finished. And then I did it again. Who was this girl that was subjecting herself to 14 minutes of pure abs? Feeling the need to get my blood pumping even more, I ventured over to one of her cardio videos. If you’re someone that hasn’t worked out in a while (or ever) this HIIT vid is a great precursor to any of Body Rocks exercises.

I’m Glad I didn’t let any obstacles get in my way, as it would have been super easy to resign to my bed and watch more episodes of Little Britain. The British are “smashingly” hilarious.

What kind of exercises to you fine ladies and gents do to peel away the stress of the day?

❤ Jocellyn

As promised: Here is what I ate for the day.


1 egg

I usually I’d have another, but we only had two left, so I was a nice girlfriend and left one for the boy…Of course he ate something else!

About 10 pieces of Watermelon

I love the stuff! It’s so sweet and refreshing. I even went so far as to bring a half-watermelon (rind and all!) to the beach with me this past summer. I know its sooooo black stereotype, but it definitely beats out grape soda and fried chicken 😉 Someone buy me this! I digress…


Fage Greek Yogurt.

In my opinion this is one of the best Greek yogurts on the American market. Sadly, the market has decided that as well and the price is astronomical. I only get it for special occasions, and I thought that going to work @ 9am on a day I didn’t have exams fit the bill. Fage is great because the fruit is separate from the yogurt, so you can add is as much or as little as your heart (more like sweet tooth) desires.

Mesquite Chips.

Yeah, it wasn’t the best choice, but I could tell my unusually small breakfast was going to catch up with me in the form of a raging headache. It was either that or candy.


Slice of Cheese Pizza.

 I know, I know, I shouldn’t be eating gluten, but a little here and a little there doesn’t seem to bother me.

Assorted Berry Cup.

 If Watermelon is my love then Price Chopper’s Berry Cups are my secret affair.  It’s beyond satisfying to eat .79 pounds of strategically layered blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries in a sitting. I was sufficiently happy.

Snack #2

Finished off the rest of my chips.

Definitely glad I didn’t buy a candy bar. Generally my snacks are fruits or veggies, but today I had to improvise



You’re probably thinking “who the hell is this girl dictating healthy eating and noshing on pizza and burgers in one day?” I admit, this isn’t my most shining dietary moment, but Wednesdays in Burlington means ½ off burger nights at The Scuffer. Red meat is something I rarely crave, but it feels nice to get some every now and then. If it makes you feel any better I turned down the flourless chocolate cake. Okay. I’ll be real. It was totally due to the $6 cost.


Post Workout Snack

A banana!

Since I didn’t sling around any weights I didn’t feel the need to drink a protein shake. During the summer I feel in love with EAS Chocolate Protein Shakes. You can definitely find healthier powdered proteins (generally anything that isn’t flavored), but this one mixes well and is quite tasty. I usually add a banana to it. Even if I’m not drinking it to bulk up like Ahhhnold,  I notice I’m not nearly as sore the next day.

These two posts are fine examples that no one is perfect with their exercise or their diet. Do I normally eat burgers? Nope. Do I normally have a better breakfast? Oh for sure! But life isn’t always ideal and you need to learn how to roll with the punches as best as you can.  Today that meant getting chips instead of going across the street and getting a Reese’s Cup; It’s sad when the people know what you are going to buy and say “getting your fix today? “ :-p It also means accepting that the world isn’t going to end if you nibble on a few less than holy foods. Tomorrow is another day and with it I will address cravings and ways to combat them.

Peel Away ❤


Rock That Body

Here’s the deal. I feel that I can sit here and comfortably talk about healthy diet without being hypocritical, but when it comes to exercise I don’t really have much jurisdiction. There are 3 schools of thought. One is people who are great at incorporating proper diet and exercise. There are people who invest a lot of time in their physical physique, but their diet is horrendous. And then there are people like me who put good things into their body, but don’t train the outside. I know I need to better balance this in my life, but at the same time I’m a firm believer that eating healthier is much better than destroying your inside with junk food. Tosca Reno, wife of Oxygen magazine creator Robert Kennedy, is well known for her series of Eat Clean books. She says your body is 10% genetics, 10% exercise, and 80% diet. Have you ever heard the phrase “abs are made in the kitchen”? That might be a reason why you don’t have a six pack, despite your best workout efforts. But one cannot forget that Oxygen is a magazine for women who are serious about lifting weights, so exercise is still paramount. Tosca’s body is a product of pure dedication and hard work; something we should all aim for.

Tosca Reno

                Right now the only physical activity I get stems from my Ashtanga & Vinyasa yoga practice. This has really built up my arms, but I view yoga as mental exercise, a way to let go of the ego, and a time where you can slow down. Ashtanga will definitely make you sweat, but the cardio benefits are very different from, say, going on a run. As a veteran wagon-faller-offer when it comes to running, I know not to bother with it. I wish I could run. I envy people in their shiny spandex beasting down the roads. My knees and shins just cannot take the stress, and no matter how carefully I approach the matter I always get injured. Thankfully this past summer I found BodyRock. Perhaps you’ve stumbled across the videos on YouTube. Body Rock is the brainchild of Zuzana &Freddy. Zuzana was formerly a porn star in Eastern Europe before Freddy married her and saved her from the profession. She is really the sweetest girl and it comes across in her videos. Zuzana is a great example of how you can really turn your life around. Though the videos do have a sexual aspect to them, if you look beyond that (and actually try the workouts) they are very demanding. I was put off at first, but if anyone is going to be sexy it should be this girl because her body is fierce.

About 2 months ago she and Freddy announced they would be splitting up, but still working as partners for the site. It’s all very sad, as they were such a great team. The site is going through some changes, but there are over 600 prior videos with Zuzana featured, and the new workouts are still top notch. The videos focus around HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Training that uses body weight and some equipment.  The hosts will explain modifications for beginners or people who don’t have equipment. I’m never sure why I haven’t been able to stick with her workouts before, but when I do them I can see significant changes in my body. Yesterday they just started their 12 Days of Christmas Workout Series, and I’m going to jump in. If you are someone who isn’t used to working out please take things slowly and listen to your body. There is no pride in having sloppy form and injuring yourself!  Every day people are starting out on BodyRock and doing what they can to make it through the workouts, so you are not alone.

To stay true to myself and give you guys and idea of what I’m doing for the next week (maybe longer!) I’ll be documenting my workouts and what I eat in a day so you can see the variety and options.

Now Peel (and sweat) Away!



Here are some other workout sites to check out.

The Tabata Protocol was developed by Izumi Tabata. It is based off of moderate bursts of energy with short rests. This helps burn fat as you are keeping your heart rate up.  Zuzana and other B.R hosts use the Gym Boss interval watch to keep track of their active and rest periods. It’s not too expensive, but you can also use these free websites.




Check out Blogilates if you are looking for something a little less high-impact. This chick seems so infectious. As of today I’m currently following her 90 day plan as well as Body Rocking a few times a week.


Bex Life is another YouTube workout sensation who is fit and healthy in order to set a good example for her kids. How awesome is that? She features new workouts every week and lots of yummy recipes. Many of them are great intro dishes to raw veganism.


Gain Fitness is a website I found on Stumble Upon a few weeks ago.  You let it know if you are working out at home or in the gym, how many minutes you have, and what areas you want to work. It’ll then spit out a workout for you with reps and sets. The home workouts don’t use any equipment, but feel free to supplement in weights if you have some.


Okay, I’ve given you plenty of resources. No excuses :-p