Do Those Legs Go All The Way Up?

Last night I bought something devilishly fun: a pair of five inch sparkly pink wedges. I went from an average 5’3 to a slightly towering 5’8; the air was quite thinner. It was exciting to see how the other half lived. When it comes to shoes I’m more about modesty. Simple sandals, rich leather boots, and a white keds are up my alley. It’s not that I’m against funky shoes, it just that I can be a matching freak, and few things, in my view, make or break an outfit more than a pair of ill thought out shoes.

I once loved heels—stilettos to be exact. I loved the way they took my alright legs to, lemme be blunt, sky scrapers of awesomeness. But I also have the misfortune to live in Burlington which is known for very steep hills and cobble stone shopping streets, which means my heels only get brought out to an event I have to drive to. But I wanted something new yesterday, and what better way to offset my love of wearing black leggings and tights then a pair of bright in your face heels.

I tried on many pairs at the store, finding the ones that were obnoxiously tall, but still manageable. In heels this high you need to let go of the notion that you can maintain a normal clip. Instead, imagine yourself as a Geisha taking small, strong, affirmative steps towards her client, or in our case, our destination.  Keep your smaller gait consistent and crisp. It may sound silly, but you almost fall into a meditative state in high heels; clip-clop, clip-clop. First practice in your apartment, then practice “long distance” on lesser traveled streets (uphill and downhill!), and finally take your fierce gait to the well traveled areas. Remember, in moderate heels the temptation to lean onto our tippy toes to relieve any pressure is female instinct. Be careful when doing so in high, high heels, because no one wants to face plant at the bar!

Practice is key. Nothing is worse than seeing a girl teeter her every step in heels ( 2-3 fumbles are expected in the Football world and the land of heels) or look like a new born giraffe that is taking her first steps into the world, so get a good feel for your heels. You may realize you need to get those awesome silicon stickies that go in the back to cut down on chaffing and make them a little tighter. Or you might consider splurging on some inserts so you can not only stand coyly at the bar, but also dance the night away as if you were in flats! Be prepared for snarky looks; smile kindly and keep walking with your head held high. I don’t like to think that all distaste from women to women stems from jealousy, but most people cannot properly navigate the world of heels.

A fun video 🙂

No, I will not lie and say they are the comfiest shoes I own. In fact, my right foot is not entirely impressed with me, but after a nice soak and gentle massage—any takers? Didn’t think so—they’ll forget all about it. But the few hours of feeling like a diva were well worth it. These aren’t shoes I’ll be wearing every weekend out, but when I’m feeling a need for sparkle in my life (or come Halloween) I’ll pull them out from the closet.

Do you have any clothing outside your personal norm that you adore?

Peel Away ❤


Lazy Saturdays

Life has been uneventful, though very healthy. The chia seeds have been doing great things for my insides (think flax seed but even better) and the weather has cooled off a little bit. This, of course, is a great thing. Believe it or not, northern New England is quite the humid place. We very rarely have dry heat. If you ever go to the beach on an 80+ day, you’ll probably find yourself pooling lots of sweat wherever your skin touches (i.e: back of knees, inner thighs, under arms, boobies.) It isn’t always a sexy scene. With the more bearable temps and bouts of shadiness, I was compelled to clean the house instead of desperately trying to make my way to the beach. This day turned into quite the adventure. There was fashion, food, and decorating all mixed into one.


Pink is kind of a great color. I realized that a few months back when I did a post on a pink dress I wore to class. I haven’t always been the pink loving type. In fact, I think a lot of women shun the color, thinking it to be weak, childish, etc, etc. I now think pink is pretty cool (in small doses) and has the ability to perk you up. Recently I bought some pink sheets, which was quite the change up from the tan tones I was sleeping on for the past year. I love the way they contrast with my dark blue walls, and I cannot help but feel like a princess when I snuggle on in (or wake up in my glorious splendor.) Not only is the color great, but I’ve also realized the sheets are an excellent make-the-eggs-make-the-smoothie-walk-around-the-apartment look. The light weight fabric creates great movement—movement in clothing is so important—and I get to cover myself without resorting to gym shorts and crew neck sweaters. Am I a Grecian goddess? Am I a princess? Either way, I feel pretty good. I tried to take some pictures and I got this  really awesome effect. I’m not sure how it happened, but it needs to be immortalized somewhere, and WordPress seems to be the right venue. What do you wear when you traipse around your apartment?

80’s Movie sci-fi cover? I think so!



After some passive cleaning, I dragged Chris down to the Asian market in the Old North End. I was listening to a raw foodie video the other day, which said Asian markets are great places to look for new fruits and vegetables—and I was bound to find a great supply of rice noodles. While Googling the best place to go to, I came across Asian 99, a store renowned in the area for a great banh mi sandwich.  Banh mi is a Vietnamese sandwich served on a baguette (there was a lot of French colonialism in Indochina) with shredded pickled carrots, onion , cilantro (I took that stuff off later), pate, pork salami Vietnamese style, and a spicy spread. The woman was quite understanding when I explained my gluten issue and that I would like the contents of the sandwich layered in a to-go box, which I would then assemble at home with some Udis. I also took a fat mango to go; the noodles would have to wait another day. Let me say: one has not lived until they’ve eaten a Banh Mi (and at $3.50 a sandwich I may have to live many lives!)

Humble looking, yet amazing.

Take. No. Prisoners.

Flowers and Rings: My Favorite Things

Before going out to meet a friend, I realized the apartment needed one final touch to spruce things up. My fake flowers have been a fuss-free godsend, but the other day I noticed some pink flowers growing right outside the apartment. With a water filled Mason jar and kitchen scissors, I stole away and clipped some branches off the bush. I added a few drops of bleach to help preserve them, and, voila, I was able to bring my mood enhancing pink motif into the kitchen. Let’s start making bets on how long I can keep them alive. Ps: Peep the awesome ring!

My Martha S. is shining through!


My days have been less hectic, but I’ve been finding ways to make the most of them!

Peel away ❤


3 Peat Purchases

Yesterday was my last shift at Goodwill, and I think the second hand god’s were really watching out for me. I arrived at work to see a fellow employee put this  rolling, tile topped island with a lower level cabinet behind register 1. My heart fluttered, then sank, because placing an item behind the counter meant a person wandering the store was soon to purchase it. The day went on, the shift ended, and no one had come to claim this prize possession. I just had to buy it, that rolling piece of magnificence. You see, these things are expensive. Even the cheap ones are expensive. So, as per usual, I hopped on it with lightening speed. Now I can cook things next to the stove, instead of chopping away under our weird cabinet. I also can use it as a clean template for food photography. I can roll it here. I can roll it there. The sun can longer hide from me (!) and there is great storage for my food photography plates and cups, which frees up some dinner table square footage.  At $10 (not including my discount) it was quite a steal!  I’m thinking of painting up the sides as well. Remember how I said I might try out a chevron paint job on our “liquor cabinet”? Maybe I’ll do a matching motif.

Where shall I begin? So gleeful!

Clean, crisp top

Along with that, after the prior shift I bought a 2-panel room divider to place in front of my bed to create a bit of separation and privacy. I don’t care if Chris see’s sleeping when he comes in the door, but if he decides to have friends over it might be odd. And it makes the living room bedroom division more concrete. It’s definitely a fixer upper project. It needs some new paint. But with the awesome blinds that open and close, and the $3.73 pricetag (new 3-panel dividers start at $60, and 2-panels are not much cheaper) I just couldn’t resist! What color should I choose?

Blinds down: Do Not Disturb!

Blinds Up: Proceed With Caution

I also managed to snag a great pair of high waist Guess Jeans for a cool $3.50 (they really could have been a little more expensive, but we’ve been hiring new people, and new people means a lack of pricing knowledge…I take full advantage of this fact, obviously.) I love high waist jeans. Chris calls them mom jeans, but it all depends on how they are tailored. High waist mom jeans are generally that way to accommodate for the often inevitable FUPA, where as high waist jeans for younger women help to slim, elongate, and make your cheekies look super fine.

Observe (yes, I know one side is more bodacious than the other.)

No worries, your cheekies could also look this sculpted. It’s the power of the jeans.

High waist pants are similar to dark wash jeans in that you can dress them up with a silk or embellished top, or you can dress them down with a snug cotton t-shirt. Just make sure the shirt is one that easily tucks in and doesn’t leave the tell-tale bunch. Cuff them, wear them down, throw on some heels, or tie up some sneakers. Have fun and look sophisticated sexy at the same time.

This apartment is really coming together and I got to complete my wardrobe before leaving the Goodwill. Success all around!

Peel Away ❤


I Shore Gots a Purty Mouth ;)

As you’ve probably noticed I’m black. Not Halle Berry black, like, really black. My severe cocoa complexion has really held me back from canon-balling into the makeup world. For starters, I really need to pile it on if I want everyone to even notice. Second, a lot of makeup people in the area have very little experience working with black skin, especially my shade of black, so they aren’t so great at finding me appropriate product (or they love to go over the top!) I’ve also never really had the luxury of hiding any imperfections with concealer. MAC is the only store I’ve found that carries foundation in my shade, but since I’ve been forced to be really cognizant of my skin, I don’t actually need it. Because of this, I keep my makeup to a minimal: some Bag Balm Vaseline for the lips (if it can make a cow’s udder soft and supple I’m certain it can work on me!), some mascara to open the eyes up, a dab of perfume, and some oil for the hair.

I started getting into lipstick last fall. There is something nostalgic about it. Mayhaps it’s the memories of sitting on the bathroom toilet and watching my mom apply it with precision? It’s oddly symbolic. It says, “I’m a woman; goodbye lip gloss.” It looks great in the bottom of a purse, and there is something authoritative and sexy about pulling it out of your bag to reapply mid conversation.


Two colors for days you want to be a little subtle


Red lips: swimming in the deep end. When you sport a red kisser you have to own it 100% or it’ll own you. You cannot look shy or awkward around town in red lips, or you’ll look like a girl playing in her mom’s makeup cabinet.  Do what I did and try it out somewhere where no one knows you (I was in Montreal.) Get a little comfortable and then show it off to your friends.


I admit, the orange color doesn’t get out much.


This is my favorite shade, and I wear it on a very regular basis.


Shimmery pink is so fun, but you need to be wearing the right outfit or you run the risk of looking a little, eh, “Adult Film.”


Behind the scenes

Are there any other lipstick lovers out there?

Peel Away ❤


Sippin’ in Style

Truth: you gotta look cute when you’re going to the bar. For the past few years I’ve been slowly stock piling outfits I knew would come in handy when I turned 21. This number has been biding its time in the closet. I wore it a few nights ago and felt fantastic!

Top- United Colors of Benetton ❤ (GW $3.50)

Hot Shorts- American Apparel ($22)

Tights- No idea! Less than $3?

Leg Warmers- This random new good brand from the Goodwill ($3.50)

Boots- Chadwicks (GW $3.50)

Jacket- I bought this down south at a popular chain of stores we don’t have up here. If Forever21 and H&M had a baby, that would be this store ($40)

Necklace- B.a.d-a.s.s (GW $1.50)

Let’s work our way in, shall we? I love, love, love this jacket. This is the type of jacket you can wear with all black and look super tough, or you can wear it with a frilly pink top to balance out the daintiness. It’s not real leather, but its good fake leather. The ¾ length sleeve is unique, though not always so great in the winter.

I bought these jersey spandex hot shorts from American Apparel when I needed something comfy for a 9 hour rave.  Yes, the store is pricey for plain, cotton items, but honestly the clothes do last a long time. I have a jersey top I got there back in sophomore year of high school and it’s still looking good. I will say, however,  their super thin leggings are not worth the money. I ripped a pair a few months back. Thankfully, I had gotten them at the Goodwill, or else I would have been insanely surly for spending so much.  But back to the shorts, they are really comfy and if you throw on some tights you can take them from electronic festival to nighttime. The one thing about A.A clothes is they are realllllly unforgiving. One should never shop there after eating a burrito if one wants to walk out with any self esteem.

This top is pretty swell as well. It’s actually really long and just barely covers the cheekies. It has a slit up the side and is really fun to wear with leggings. I had to do a pretty intense tuck in job to make sure no bunching would show through the shorts (please don’t read this sentence as a standalone…) It likes to fall off my shoulder a lot. No need to buy a strapless bra! Just let the strap fall down as well. Shoulder is sexy!


As any New England-er knows, the weather can be a real hindrance to fashion.  Does one look cute or does one freeze? These leg warmers come in super handy on cold nights. I can wear them up high when I walk to the bar and scrunch them down before I go in.

One thing I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever wear out to the bars is heels. This great comedian Steve Byrne has a hilarious skit about girls going out to the bars in their stilettos. It ends with the club let out looking like a thriller music video because the girls cannot walk right in their shoes. Admit it, ladies, even our most comfy heels are really only comfy for 30 standing-minutes max, and unless you practice walking around drunk in your heels, you’ll probably look unnaturally robotic or just sloooopay! Plus, walking home with your heels in hand is just…disgraceful. Wear comfy boots that have a teensy bit of heel, but won’t leave you falling on your booty or sauntering like a new born giraffe.


(Not the skit about the shoes, but just as funny!)


I’m generally not into huge statement pieces. When I wear jewelry it’s usually small and humble.  But sometimes you have to bring out the big guns—pow!  I think this necklace speaks for itself.



Does anyone have a go to bar outfit that never lets them down?

Peel Away ❤


When wearing short skirts on blustery days, it’s imperative to wear cute undies!


My name is Jocellyn and I’m a pink-o-holic…. But really, for all the time I spend professing my love for darks and neutrals*, I cannot deny that I occasionally indulge in my pink side. For example, I have two other dresses in this same-ish color, which is weird, because I wouldn’t classify myself as an “I love pink” kind of girl. Regardless, I won’t agonize over it because I look pretty spiffy if I do say so myself!

So what inspired this positively colorful outfit? An unnaturally warm 87 degree day! For starters, I love the cut of this dress; a little shorter in the back and a little longer in the front.  How a piece of clothing is cut is of the utmost importance. Whether you’re second-handing your closet or plunking down some serious dough on designer labels, if the cut isn’t there you won’t look a million buckaroos.

A belt is a must with a dress this cut, lest we ladies want to look like we’re sporting a baby bump! In the spirit of the spring day I left my brown belt in the closet and whipped out this mint green number I got back in high school. You know those purchases where you’re like “I’m not sure I’ll love it now, but I’ll definitely use it later,”? Yeah, make those purchases and smile a few months or years from now. What really pulled this whole outfit together was a scarf.

Chris’s mom got me this one and another from The Gap last year. Scarves like this should be worn down, like long luxurious hair.

I whip my hair back and forth!

But, but, but, they can be easily wrapped up for when you’re trying to hustle somewhere and don’t want it to get caught on something. You can do a basic wrap– like the first photo– or like the one below, which pumps up the volume.


If there is one wrap I’m not fond it, it would be the girth hitch. That’s when you take a scarf and fold it in half. The half with the loop goes on one side of your neck and the loose ends go on the other. You then shoot the loose ends though the hoop and tug it tightly around your neck. IMHO, it makes a gal (or guy) look like they’re off to hang themselves. But, to each their own!

Black and bright pink are on two different ends of the color spectrum, but it can take guts of steel to pull them off. Hold your head high and strut the streets in all your fashionable fabulousness.

Peel Away ❤


*No worries, I haven’t forgotten my neutral roots. I wore this the next day 😉

Fashionable Chaos?

I was super excited when this super fashionable blogger from Europe liked my pink shirt post. Europeans in general are just so fashionably disheveled. When I went to France back in 2008—before the scarf craze took root over here—I loved how all the women (and men) looked like they rolled out of bed, threw on some clothes, a wooly neck accessory, walked out the door without a glance in the mirror, and looked like they were going to some fashion show. Ah, how it’s rarely the case in America. Oh, how we hem and haw over what to wear.  Not to mention they have this extreme penchant for wearing black from head to toe. I honestly love the look. It’s so ballsy, so bad ass, so I’ve always wanted to do so but have been afraid. Psh, I’m done being a slave to my mirror and my black on black fear.  Unfortunately all my black items were in the laundry, so I decided to go pseudo-monochromatic in the beige/grey family and play around with textures. You know, dipping my big toe in the waters of a new style!

You'd think I'd have a perma-hickey, because I'm always wearing scarves! In case you were wondering, yes, I am far to dark to hickey.

The things I went through to get these pants! Okay, so the Goodwill doesn’t have the best selection of pants, and when they do they get snapped up fast. I spotted these beauts on Monday, and after giving a stern lecture to the new boy we just hired who wears girls’ jeans, stating that he was by no means allowed to buy them, I placed them back on the rack and crossed my fingers.  Not only where they grey, and my favorite grey pants are one hem in the grave, they are also cut to hit perfectly on your shin; no more cuffing! My heart was heavy when I went to get them the next day. Some other size four girl—probably from the University of Vermont, pfft—had snagged them. Defeated, I went to work recovering the behemoth of a store, only to find them nestled in the men’s section. What a sneak that assumed UVM girl was! I took what was “rightfully” mine and indulgently imagined bumping into this mystery chick at a bar and her looking down at them in sadness…Okay, so I have a slightly vengeful streak

No surprise, but this entire outfit minus the stripped tank was all from the GW. The cardigan was from Gap. It has some tie attached to it, but I cut if off. The circle scarf was an awesome find, as they generally don’t pass through and I’m not a huge fan of regular scarves. I love how it has two different textures.

Don’t even get me started on these shoes! They’re so amazing. They give me the teensiest bit of lift, but are a breeze to walk in. They also show a little bit of toe cleavage, which I think is kind of cute.  And the belt is just bad ass: fashionable and can double as a weapon.


This is a cozy outfit. The colors don’t match perfectly, but I think that’s what appeals to me. Perhaps I should stop fussing over what I wear more often and employ the grab and go method.

Peel Away ❤



Ps: I actually adore my friend’s from UVM. Such kind people!

Pss: Thanks, Yasmin, for inspiring me from all the way over seas!

Pink Makes People Smile

Bear with me, folks. This site is getting a much needed face lift. In my portfolio class we were complimenting and critiquing people’s WordPress blogs, and in the process I learned so much about this site. Gosh, I feel like a little 80 year old granny when it comes to this platform.  Since I’ve now figured out how to add additional tabs up top (amateur hour, I know), I’m even more excited to grow the fashion side of this blog because it’ll have its own special spot.  So, speaking of fashion, I have a fabulous new outfit to show off. And my Picasa finally updated itself and I got all these crazy new filters to play around with. Clearly, I’ve been living in the technological stone age  :-\

I’ve been wanting this really awesome coral-pink top at work. It’s a size 3x (22 plus) and I was waiting for it to go on sale so I could a.) Buy it for $1.75 b.) Give someone that size ample time to snag it (we don’t have to many plus size tops.) I moved in like a hungry shark the last day it was on sale.

For one, I love the color. People always tell me how lucky I am to have dark skin because most colors look great on me (FYI: I cannot, however, rock brown or moss green), but I generally stick to my neutral. The top was calling me, for some unbeknownst reason. I’m glad you called, lady, I’m glad you called.


It can be really difficult to find a baggy top. Generally, for it to look good, you need to buy a baggy top that is designed for someone your size. Sometimes, luck is on my side!

And from behind! Since I’m wearing a loose top, I of course have to balance out the bottom with something tight.

This top makes me wanna rock out!

How awesome are those sleeves?! They make me feel bad ass. Like, ‘Imma mess you up’ bad ass!

The final test of a great outfit: Can I pull off some yoga asana whenever my back feels the need to bend? This outfit gets two thumbs up!

And finally, my other awesome set of mala. These, I admit, I did not make. I saw them at Goodwill. I feel like whoever had them before had some potent, amazing energy.

Spring is officially here. Summer is biting at our ankles. Time to whip out those fun colors!

Peel Away ❤



Yoga Mania: Clothing

Here’s the clothing video! Since I didn’t have them when I was shooting, I forgot to mention the infamous pants

I didn’t like. They’re from the GAP, which stunk because I’m normally so in love with that store. Some of the reviewers seemed to have the same issue as me. The pants didn’t sit high enough and I was constantly pulling them up. I’m super sorry to the people in the yoga class I taught who had to stare at my red thong for an hour. And to my teacher Ashley who assisted me in many butt-crack revealing forward bends.



Some yoga-spiration. My old RA Brooke was doing a photo shoot and asked me to “model” for her. When I was born everyone thought I was going to be six feet. That clearly didn’t happen, but I always jump at the opportunity only afforded to long-legged ladies.

A rather ambitious early morning back-bend. But it felt ohhh so good. Hey, those are the pants! They look quite deceiving, right? Ps: when will they invent deodorant that blends into black skin?

When all else fails do everything but straight up! It’s much easier to balance your body when you have weight on both sides. It also adds some pizzazz.

I’ve moved on from crow to crane, which was only natural because crow encourages you to keep your butt low, and I’ve always been a fan of showing it off 😉 I admit, in the beginning it was sooo painful to press my knees into my arms, but that pain passed. If there is any posture I’ve been working with forever, it has been this one. I’m always finding ways to get stronger. Ohh, you can see the tell-tale gap in my pants; troubled waters be ahead!


Peel Away<3




Here are pics from last weekend’s trip to Montreal. Chris was an awesome co-pilot and we made it there in one piece (there was one sketchy road section) and without getting lost. Had it not been for him, I’d still be driving around Montreal.

I absolutely adore my Godfather’s Condo. It’s on the 17th floor and the decorating is so awesome, and the natural light is great. More importantly, he has an awesome set of binoculars, which made being a Peeping Tina way easier.

Someone was to lazy to clean off the back window. That’s safe, right? On our way north!

Ah, the mega-couch!

awwwzers, mi amour!

Not staged :-p That painting has a creepy blue eye that follows you everywhere.

Obligatory yoga photo. I really like this one.

You have to get a little tipsy off some Moscato before shopping.

How’d I get sucha cuutie patootie? ❤









I bit the bullet and got some wide bottom pants. They look cuter in person, but I love the cut. Since I normally wear leggins I go loose on top, so it was weird to flip flop!

My french is poor, but sales percentage signs know no language barrier!


Took the buns off my sliders. Ah, the life of a gluten-intolerant. Some delicious poutine (I think there is a bit of wheat in the gravy, but it didn’t seem to bother me toooo much.) Some cheesecake! bless the sweet waiters who cut the crust off for me 🙂 You’ve prob. noticed this hasn’t been the healthiest weekend, but it’s nice to treat yourself!

Some Baileys. Omg. Yes. Omg. This drink was the death of me. My God father doesn’t drink, but he keeps the liquor cabinet stocked because a lot of this friend’s use the place. I didn’t think to check the expiration date and ended up spending 3 hours close to a trash bin. I didn’t realize it had expired back in 2009 until the day we left. Thankfully I felt better early enough to go out. I’m someone who isn’t used to throwing up, so it’s kinda an ordeal when I had to. I felt like a cat that does the whole gagging bit. Word to the wise: check dates :-\

My purchases! I went into a store I couldn’t afford and was elated to find out that this awesome $240purse was on sale for $60! You’d be hard pressed to find a decent $60 purse at TJMaxx. I also got some jeans at Forever 21. The jeans from that store always fit me so well,  and since they were only $12 I decided to get 2 pairs of the blue ones in case something happened. It was really nice to treat myself to some new things.

Out shopping! Chris is wayyy cute. We went out to this Mediterranean restaurant. They asked if we had reservations and we said no. They let us sit down and then didn’t come to our tables for 15 minutes, and the place certainly wasn’t busy. Needless to say, we got up quietly and left. I didn’t feel like making dinner, but seeing the $25 price tag attached to a salmon meal I could easily make myself encouraged us to get some stuff from the store around the block. I was really excited about the smoked salmon and on the far left showing off how to look sassy and fashionable while shopping 😉

Some haddock, smoked salmon, strawberries, six eggs, green beans, lemon= $12.91 !!! Less than the cost of a meal for one person. We were pretty happy.

Chris is such a great sous-chef

Looking hard, feeling like a strong woman, peeping around the corner. We were on  our way back to the bar!

I did the typical girl thing and brought home something. This time it was a hub cap. I have big plans to spray paint it an awesome gold. The pic on the right is from the APTN (Aboriginal People’s Television Network.) Canada has a big Native American population, and it was fun to watch sitcom shows catered to them.

Breakfast: some scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. We also noshed on lots of strawberries.

Dressing up for the last day. Notice the red lips. Lately I’ve been on a red lipstick bend. Mascara, lips, and I’m out the door!

Our favorite pub! We went there in the summer and returned this trip. All the bartenders wear kilts, which is awesome. They also have a great cider on tap.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Interesting branches. Occupy rally that the cops lead; Clearly, I don’t think we were in American anymore.

I know a front when I see one…

Canadian Reese’s are far superior to American. Planning on moving!