Do Those Legs Go All The Way Up?

Last night I bought something devilishly fun: a pair of five inch sparkly pink wedges. I went from an average 5’3 to a slightly towering 5’8; the air was quite thinner. It was exciting to see how the other half lived. When it comes to shoes I’m more about modesty. Simple sandals, rich leather boots, and a white keds are up my alley. It’s not that I’m against funky shoes, it just that I can be a matching freak, and few things, in my view, make or break an outfit more than a pair of ill thought out shoes.

I once loved heels—stilettos to be exact. I loved the way they took my alright legs to, lemme be blunt, sky scrapers of awesomeness. But I also have the misfortune to live in Burlington which is known for very steep hills and cobble stone shopping streets, which means my heels only get brought out to an event I have to drive to. But I wanted something new yesterday, and what better way to offset my love of wearing black leggings and tights then a pair of bright in your face heels.

I tried on many pairs at the store, finding the ones that were obnoxiously tall, but still manageable. In heels this high you need to let go of the notion that you can maintain a normal clip. Instead, imagine yourself as a Geisha taking small, strong, affirmative steps towards her client, or in our case, our destination.  Keep your smaller gait consistent and crisp. It may sound silly, but you almost fall into a meditative state in high heels; clip-clop, clip-clop. First practice in your apartment, then practice “long distance” on lesser traveled streets (uphill and downhill!), and finally take your fierce gait to the well traveled areas. Remember, in moderate heels the temptation to lean onto our tippy toes to relieve any pressure is female instinct. Be careful when doing so in high, high heels, because no one wants to face plant at the bar!

Practice is key. Nothing is worse than seeing a girl teeter her every step in heels ( 2-3 fumbles are expected in the Football world and the land of heels) or look like a new born giraffe that is taking her first steps into the world, so get a good feel for your heels. You may realize you need to get those awesome silicon stickies that go in the back to cut down on chaffing and make them a little tighter. Or you might consider splurging on some inserts so you can not only stand coyly at the bar, but also dance the night away as if you were in flats! Be prepared for snarky looks; smile kindly and keep walking with your head held high. I don’t like to think that all distaste from women to women stems from jealousy, but most people cannot properly navigate the world of heels.

A fun video 🙂

No, I will not lie and say they are the comfiest shoes I own. In fact, my right foot is not entirely impressed with me, but after a nice soak and gentle massage—any takers? Didn’t think so—they’ll forget all about it. But the few hours of feeling like a diva were well worth it. These aren’t shoes I’ll be wearing every weekend out, but when I’m feeling a need for sparkle in my life (or come Halloween) I’ll pull them out from the closet.

Do you have any clothing outside your personal norm that you adore?

Peel Away ❤


When in doubt, look to Goldilocks!

Because it’s important to be a conscious blogger, I do want to point out that this blog post has the potential to be triggering for anyone struggling with an ED. Please, read at your own discretion.


This past weekend I had the awesome pleasure of trying out SUP Yoga (stand up paddleboard yoga), which is all the rage at yoga festivals that are way outside my budget. Thanks to the generosity of a woman in our class, and the Burlington Community Sailing Center, 20 of us yogis and yoginis took to Lake Champlain with giddy ambitions.

Getting my sea legs!

Not impressed with warriors one bit!


Headstand felt surprisingly balanced, as well as bridge. Warrior 2, not usually thought of as a difficult posture, sent many of us flailing into the refreshing waters. Om, shanti, shanti. Om, humility, humility. It was great fun. I learned, that day, the value of staying firmly rooted in the middle of the paddleboard, lest I pop a sweet endo or look like some 18th century helpless girl getting thrown off a horse. The center is safe and seemingly monotonous. Sometimes we have to scurry, tip-toe, or tumble onto the other sides to remind ourselves how awesome stability is! These past few week’s stress and circumstances have taken my body all over the place, and although I wasn’t happy with myself at the time, I did learn a lot about what makes me confident, healthy, and happy.


While being short does give me the luxury of going to basement parties and not hitting my head on the ceiling, makes it easier for me to date more men (and wear heels while doing it!), and ensures that air travel is a tad more comfortable, it does not leave room for over indulgence or error (kind of like an American Apparel dress…) As my friend so awesomely put it, there is less length for me to hide the pounds. Someone 5’8 can gain a pound, several pounds, before anyone notices. I gain a pound and it looks like I’ve packed on 10. However, the same thing is true in the other direction. I loose a pound and I look like I’ve been hitting the gym hard (and we all know I just don’t work out…)


A few weeks ago I was coming off humiliation that made me want to devour everything in the world. Bacon, coconut-chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, and peanut butter were not safe for a few days. They shook in the cupboard waiting for the sweat-pant wearing, hadn’t showered in days (sexy, right?) monster to amble into the kitchen and shove a big spoon into them. Oh, the horror. I looked in the mirror after 3 days of body punishing. What I saw disgusted me. If you are gaining weight while eating a healthy diet and exercising, then you are probably meant to. And although I smelled like I had been working out, I certainly wasn’t hitting the weights or eating anything of proper nutrition. I was mad at myself for doing this to myself. Over indulgence and a bit of self-hate had gotten the best of me and I felt like a frump-o-potamus.


What quickly followed the next week was a mixture of getting sick (no one likes eating when they’re sick) and having to go home for a few days to get my car looked at. For many people going home means parents buying food and a fridge full of goodies. Going home for me is essentially accepted starvation. Yes, I could have gone grocery shopping myself, but I was mule stubborn and insanely broke. Scheduling a detox was out of the question, as my siblings generally like to take me out for drinks and heavy food. After the 4 eggs vanished, I subsided off of gelato, frozen fruit bars, a few slices of bacon here and there, and sheer determination. By day 4 I was picking fights with my parents. Hungry Jocellyn is not a happy Jocellyn.


When done properly, fasting (either on water or fresh juice) doesn’t necessarily mean you balloon out after it is over. If you slowly reintroduce foods back into your diet, all will not be in vain (though I’m a firm believer that fasting should come from a place of relaxation and ‘reset’, not trying to loose weight). However, what I was doing was not fasting, per say. It was starvation and whenever I gave myself food at random times, it was generally unhealthy and too much. My body held onto what ever I gave it with a grip that would make super villain  Bane totally envious (yes I deffs saw The Dark Knight Rises last night, and I’m still geeking out!!!!) Despite only eating a handful of times when I was at home, I left looking like a black Buddha, sans cheerful smile. And when I got back to Burlington at 1am (so I could make the SUP Yoga class—check the determination!) I didn’t have time to eat a lot or even energy to prepare food. Everything was so much harder. My stomach receded, pulling in tight to show definition I rarely see. For a few minutes I looked good. Damn good.  And then I didn’t feel so great about it all. How could I feel good about these flat abs that I didn’t earn through diet and exercise? I mean, how often do you say no to a flat stomach? Well, you should if you didn’t get there by healthy means! Not to mention I was a starvin’ marvin’. Whoever said “nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” was wrong for so many reasons.


Over indulgence can cause our body to undertake a form that makes us self-conscious. But sometimes when we reach what we think our “ideal” form should be, we have to stop and ask ourselves if “there” is where we really want to be—and if you got there properly then revel in your bad self, but if you didn’t, or you’re just plain unhappy, then dial it back a bit. You’d be surprised how close the middle is to where you want. I’m excited to return to the happy middle, where my taste buds are satisfied just so and I feel comfortable with my body.  Sometimes we have to teeter-totter to remind ourselves that it ain’t really that bad.


Peel Away ❤


3 Peat Purchases

Yesterday was my last shift at Goodwill, and I think the second hand god’s were really watching out for me. I arrived at work to see a fellow employee put this  rolling, tile topped island with a lower level cabinet behind register 1. My heart fluttered, then sank, because placing an item behind the counter meant a person wandering the store was soon to purchase it. The day went on, the shift ended, and no one had come to claim this prize possession. I just had to buy it, that rolling piece of magnificence. You see, these things are expensive. Even the cheap ones are expensive. So, as per usual, I hopped on it with lightening speed. Now I can cook things next to the stove, instead of chopping away under our weird cabinet. I also can use it as a clean template for food photography. I can roll it here. I can roll it there. The sun can longer hide from me (!) and there is great storage for my food photography plates and cups, which frees up some dinner table square footage.  At $10 (not including my discount) it was quite a steal!  I’m thinking of painting up the sides as well. Remember how I said I might try out a chevron paint job on our “liquor cabinet”? Maybe I’ll do a matching motif.

Where shall I begin? So gleeful!

Clean, crisp top

Along with that, after the prior shift I bought a 2-panel room divider to place in front of my bed to create a bit of separation and privacy. I don’t care if Chris see’s sleeping when he comes in the door, but if he decides to have friends over it might be odd. And it makes the living room bedroom division more concrete. It’s definitely a fixer upper project. It needs some new paint. But with the awesome blinds that open and close, and the $3.73 pricetag (new 3-panel dividers start at $60, and 2-panels are not much cheaper) I just couldn’t resist! What color should I choose?

Blinds down: Do Not Disturb!

Blinds Up: Proceed With Caution

I also managed to snag a great pair of high waist Guess Jeans for a cool $3.50 (they really could have been a little more expensive, but we’ve been hiring new people, and new people means a lack of pricing knowledge…I take full advantage of this fact, obviously.) I love high waist jeans. Chris calls them mom jeans, but it all depends on how they are tailored. High waist mom jeans are generally that way to accommodate for the often inevitable FUPA, where as high waist jeans for younger women help to slim, elongate, and make your cheekies look super fine.

Observe (yes, I know one side is more bodacious than the other.)

No worries, your cheekies could also look this sculpted. It’s the power of the jeans.

High waist pants are similar to dark wash jeans in that you can dress them up with a silk or embellished top, or you can dress them down with a snug cotton t-shirt. Just make sure the shirt is one that easily tucks in and doesn’t leave the tell-tale bunch. Cuff them, wear them down, throw on some heels, or tie up some sneakers. Have fun and look sophisticated sexy at the same time.

This apartment is really coming together and I got to complete my wardrobe before leaving the Goodwill. Success all around!

Peel Away ❤


Lilac Toner…Finally!

Okay, so I’m admitting my poor taste in movie watching choices with this anecdote, but it has to happen. Who here has seen Jeepers Creepers 2 (“spoiler alert” ahead)? If you have you know the scene at the end where decades later the dad is sitting, with a shot gun, in front of the Creeper he has crucified to his barn, waiting for it to come alive so he can stop it from wrecking havoc on the mid western plains?  Well, that is sort of how I’ve been with a dairy intolerance. People with gluten issues also have a tendency to notice that dairy causes them the same discomfort, so I’ve been sitting with my imaginary shot gun waiting for the day when yogurt, cheese, and milk mutated into an untouchable food group. I’ve had an inkling for the past few months, but it was all made crystal clear yesterday after I drank a most delicious Nutella Smoothie. 20 minutes later I was hustling to the bathroom and soon I realized I needed to cut my afternoon with the ladies short and be in the comfort of my own apartment. Not cool. The familiar hand pain, nausea, and bloating was apparent, as well as the lack of desire to nibble on much. I fell into bed and took a long nap. This morning I didn’t feel great either and decided to call out of work and hope the stomach pains and feeling of inflammation in my body would subside.

A little stir-crazy from not making anything to eat, I decided to work my homemade beauty recipe magic in the kitchen. For weeks I’ve been looking for a lilac toner recipe and only came up with a very simple one. I decided “hey, I cannot mess up that badly” and decided to try my hand at making my own toner.

Lilac Toner for Rejuvenated Skin

1 Handful of Lilac Flowers

1 Knob of Freshly Grated Ginger

1 Tbs of Apple Cider Vinegar—you need to use the organic kind that has “the mother” (aka visible strains) if you want all the benefits. Braggs ACV is one of the most popular and the smallest bottle they say is only $3.50!

2 Squirts of Vegetable Glycerin

1 Cup of Boiling Water

While water is boiling pop the lilac flowers off the stems and place in bowl. Next grate a knob of ginger over the bowl. When the water is done boiling pour the 1 cup over the two ingredients. Add in the ACV and let steep for 10 minutes (this is a great time to catch up on e-mails or any dishes in the sink you’ve been avoiding.) After 10 minutes, strain into another bowl and throw away the remnants. Add in the small amount of vegetable glycerin and mix with a spoon. Then, carefully, move the final product in a glass jar for storage. Chill in refrigerator.

Compared to what you buy in stores the amount of liquid left over won’t seem like much, but since we are using all natural products we cannot store it for months. Ideally it’s best to find a friend to split the bounty with. When making skincare products with food (think avocados, strawberries, bananas, etc) people usually suggest using everything up within a week. With recipes like the one above, that feature more liquids, I’ve seen suggestions to keep anywhere from a week to one month max. Use your best instincts after a week by frequently smell checking. Also, ACV may be too harsh for sensitive skin types, even when diluted.  If you are concerned feel free to leave the ingredient out or do a skin test on your hand.

Even after one use I could tell I enjoyed this toner more than the green tea one I made a few months back. My face felt a lot more refreshed and I think the ACV helped pick up even more dirt and impurities. Plus the color is pretty awesome. Oh how a terrible yesterday lead to a most glorious morning.

Peel Away ❤


Poolside Yoga

I took my own advice and had a pool side rendezvous with my yoga practice this afternoon. It was nice and hot and sunny. Pictures first and then I led myself through a gentle flow. I really wanted to make a video but my camera batteries were low and my charger is packed away in some random box back in Montpelier.


I really like this pose, but it wasn’t always that way. Whenever I used to see people—okay, mainly girls—do this pose I would roll my eyes and go “stop with the sezzy!” You just cannot help but look like a sexy mermaid. Oh yes, notice our pug Buffy photo bombing.  This isn’t the last time you’ll see her.


Today was not a good day for handstanding, alas. Buffy doesn’t seem impressed


Oh firefly. I remember when I was first learning how to do this posture a few years ago. I wanted it so badly. Now I love settling into it during Primary Series. Someday I want to do the other variation when you drop your butt lower and bring your toes up to the sky.

Living on the edge and upside down! I want that to be the title of my book on arm balances and inversions, and I think this picture captures that idea pretty darn well. Just playing around in full wheel.

I was inspired by Noelle Beaugureau to try this out. And now to work it into a flowing sequence!


Peel Away ❤



Ps: A funny story, because you know I love telling them. Well, my parents opened the pool a few days ago, and the bottom is still a little icky. I was helping my mom prep the brush when she said this:

“hold the head [of the brush] underwater until the bubbles stop.”

“It sounds like we are drowning someone in the backyard!”

“SHHH! You don’t want the neighbors to know were connected to the Mafia.”

“Clearly were getting the low paying jobs since we don’t have a pool boy.”


Gotta love family

Oil Pull Your Way to Pearly Whites (and Healthy Gums)!

I like experimenting with different ways of keeping my body healthy. This is especially true when the practices are cheap and preventative! I learned about this Ayurveda method a few weeks ago after a fitness guru I follow mentioned it in a status update. It’s called oil pulling and it is a great way to increase oral  health, which I definitely need seeing as I have to dish out a lot of money to fix the cavities I developed over the three years of not getting a cleaning! Word to the wise: don’t skip your cleanings!

Oil pulling is something you do right when you get up before eating or drinking, though if you want to you can floss beforehand. Take a tablespoon (or a little less, depending on the size of your mouth and cheek capacity; I have chipmunk cheeks) of sesame oil and swish it around in your mouth for 15-20 minutes. You can also use other types of oil, like coconut, but studies have shown that sesame and sunflower are the best. It is also recommended to switch up the oils you use, which will help you figure out what kind works the best for your mouth.

While doing this you’re whitening your teeth, increasing the health of your gums, and essentially flossing on steroids. If you have tendency to get tonsil stones—those absolutely vile, smelly white balls that appear in the back of your throat—they may come free during the swishing. Just spit out the oil in a cup, hock that sucker up, and throw the oil back in your mouth. Mmmm, sometimes being healthy is far from sexy (do you think I look cute washing my face with oatmeal?), but the results are always amazing. Above all else, make sure you don’t swallow the oil, because you would be ingesting all the bacteria in your mouth that you’ve worked to free. Instead spit it out.

Allow me to show you some absolutely sexy photos of me in the morning!

Pondering the meaning of life.


No swallowing that stuff!


Oh so squeaky clean! Ps: I’m a sezzzy mama in the morning!

Some people oil pull because they believe they are “pulling” toxins out from their body, and the method lists tons of diseases, cancers, autoimmune issues (think AIDS) that oil pulling has cured. While many people don’t believe that to be true—there isn’t going to be a magic cure for everything—there are proven benefits (source). It has been a rather nice addition to the morning routine. I use the 15 minutes to check up on my blog, see what other people are doing over on their sites, and sometimes shower. As long as you don’t become fixated on the clock it isn’t nearly that bad. I love the way my gums feel after, and I think I’ve noticed a few teeth getting a little whiter.


A general go to site for information and forums on oil pulling

2 Videos


Have you heard of oiling pulling? Are there any holistic practices you follow?

Peel Away ❤



I’ve Been a Bad, Bad Girl. I’ve Been Careless With My Delicate Body

The thing about living a healthy lifestyle that revolves around eating well and exercising is that unless you’re being paid for it (i.e fitness models, competitors, athletes, endorsers, etc.)  you’re probably going to slip up every so often. I’m well aware that breaks are prime time for slippage. You are no longer beholden to your usual schedule, meaning you have more free time. I typically go into these periods thinking of all the time I’ll have to work out, try new foods, etc, but, being honest, I really just sleep more, watch Netflix, and keep pushing my workouts back.

Sooner or later you’re going to start to feel bad physically and emotionally. If you have gone back to eating less than healthy foods (or you find yourself going to the bar more often…) you’re body is going to start throwing little temper tantrums as it attempts to process all the unsavoriness you’re feeding it.  You’ll also start to feel emotionally crappy. You might not be sleeping as well, you might notice certain areas of your body becoming softer, and you might be upset because you know it’s wrong. Good. You should. And I don’t mean this in a horrible way. I’m a firm believer that you should fuel the body as well as feed the soul. Without both, life would be pretty boring, however going out to the bar all the time and eating takeout on the regs is not feeding the soul: it’s feeding some void. One takeout order: acceptable. Just don’t let it become a habit! And don’t go on an emotional down spin where you restrict everything and start working out an unsustainable level. Use that motivation to humbly get back on the wagon.

One of the first things I needed to start dialing back on was the drinking. Going out 3x a week and having 2 drinks at the bar doesn’t necessarily equal getting plastered, but it does equal a lot of money and empty calories that start to compound. I’m normally pretty good with my finances, but getting $100 less in a paycheck than usual because of exam’s week and going out drinking like I had been meant having the call dad with my tail between my legs. Not going to happen again!  Plus moving into my new, cheaper apartment  means I need to start being a little more militant about my drinking, lest I want to call daddy-o again!

The second thing I needed to get back in my life is yoga. For the past month and a half I haven’t been going to glasses due to a yoga related shoulder injury that just wouldn’t quit. I kept my sanity by making those YOGA MANIA videos (I should start that up again, right?) and working on my handstands at home.  I’d occasionally take some muscle relaxers and bum around about how I did this to myself f. This week, I finally decided I needed to get back on the yoga horse. The night before I went to an ashtanga class my shoulder started acting up again, which made no sense because I hadn’t been going to yoga in ages! And then it all made sense! Chris and I had recently changed our beds around again, and I was back to sleeping on my basic futon mattress instead of a futon mattress on top of a regular mattress. So all along it was my pesky bed that had weakened my right shoulder (I’m rather partial to sleeping on my right side), not my yoga practice. I practically floated to class with joy and had one of the best 90 minute practices in a really, really long time. Time for a new bed! Oh, daddy! Just kidding…But really.

On top of yoga, I’ve started exercising again. I know, sigh, moan, roll your eyes. I’m that girl that constantly talks about how she is going to exercise and never follows through. I know, unappealing, but I’ve been looking back at the women in Oxygen magazine and remembering how much I appreciate a well sculpted body. Plus, I think as humans we need to sweat it out and push ourselves, and since the majority of us no longer have fields to toil in, working out is the next best thing. Yesterday I did a Zuzana Light video that took 25:27! I thought I was going to die. I followed it up with a clean lunch (haddock and corn) and a protein shake. I’m still pretty sore from it all, but I slept like an absolute baby and feel amazingly refreshed this morning. It feels 100% better to be back on the good food, exercise, and healthy mind set.


10 reps Dive Bombers
5 Burpees
20/20 (right/left) Squat Leg Lift
5 Burpees
10/10 Side Plank Lift
5 Burpees
10/10 Pistol Squats (w/ the help of a chair)
5 Burpees

It took all my energy to muster this “flex”

Our life has ups and downs, and I like to think that we learn a lot from our ‘down’ moments. We learn how to get back on our feet and we start to appreciate how awesome the ‘ups’ really are. So if you are like me and have been slipping for a little bit then pinch yourself on the cheekies and wake up. You don’t have to wait till Monday to shake off your bad habits and start back over again!

Peel Away ❤


Ps: Check out my friend Jillian over at Zest&Honey: She is going through the same sort of business I am and combating it with some tasty Avocados!

Video: Cleaning house through fasting!

Hello everyone! It has been awhile since I made a video, so I’m very excited to bring you this one. There is a lot of information and I figured you’d rather listen to me while you have some down time than read a tome like post 😉 This is all about cleansing/fasting/detoxing! Living off liquids for a few days (or few weeks in extreme cases!) is a way to let your body heal. Digestion is one of the most labor intensive processes our body goes through on a regular basis. When it isn’t busy digesting our body can go to work “cleaning house” and taking out impurities and toxins from neglected areas. Unfortunately, cleansing is typically not spoken about as a healing process in magazines or television shows. Instead, it is seen as way to get rid of some vanity pounds, so people are very apt to put it down. Obviously, it is way more than that! I encourage you to listen to this video to learn about how to prepare for one, break a fast safely, and be ready for the up and down physical feelings you’ll go through. It may not be something you decide to undertake, but at least you’ll have some information and know that this process goes far beyond the “Master Cleanse” and celebrities trying to fit into an award ceremony dress!

Peel Away ❤


It was a dark and rainy night, and college students were running around naked

This blog post starts with a silly anecdote.

So, I was working at Goodwill (as per usual) and these three really attractive, culturally diverse frat boys came in looking for clothes. One was black, one was Hispanic, and one was white (I swear, they must have been a Public Service Announcement for encouraging ethnic integration into Kappa-Sigma-Phi-Epsilon-Gamma-Gamma-Beta.) Unfortunately, they weren’t very bright and I had to point them to their section, as they were aimlessly wandering around in women’s T-shirts, not quite sure how to get to where they needed to be.

Anyway, they come up to the register and it goes something like this:

“Do you guys go to you UVM?”

“No, we’re grads”

“Oh, I was just wondering because tonight is the naked bike ride!”

“Oh really?”

(Me realizing it sort of sounds like I’m mad macking on them and encouraging them to watch me run around with my bits all out) “Oh, um, yeah…A lot of people have been in today talking about it!”

“Oh, so…they were buying clothes for this naked event?”

“Oh, um…ehhh. Probably just for some party afterward!”

As every teenage girl says in those poignant coming of age books: “I was MORTIFIED!”

But yes, the naked mile and naked bike ride are two pretty popular events at UVM where people, well, get naked and run around. I personally would be partial to the naked bike ride, because something tells me 36D’s+running+no sports bra= a world of pain. I was driving home with a friend when suddenly these girls crossed in front of us in towels with their cheekies hanging out. I gave them several triumphant toots of the horn and they cheered back. Then I saw some girls, boobs out and everything, getting onto their really nice road bikes and biking away. The only complaint I heard was from one very naked girl saying how much she hated biking uphill. There was no shrinking behind towels or complaining of cellulite. There was just laughter. True, I’m sure it took a few shots of liquid courage to get most people out the door, and who can blame them, but I admired all those people running around in their birthday suits. Hell, as we were walking back I almost stripped off my skirt and shirt to join them!

I think if people saw each other naked more often we’d all have a lot less insecurity problems off our own. And it’s not to say that you would look at someone and go “psh, my ____ is better than hers/his”, but that you would see the variety in bodies. Maybe your nipples wouldn’t seem so weird, or your butt so saggy, or your stomach that weird looking, etc. etc.

Sadly, you probably don’t live in an area where there is a bi-annual naked run to creep on participate in.

So I will instead point you ladies* to this website: Ne Te promene donc pas toute nue!

Warning there is nudity, sometimes full frontal, but nothing hardcore pornographic. It’s kind of got a hipster-vibe, but you’ll see a variety of bodies, and most of them aren’t posed overly sexual. It’s like, hey, I’m naked and in the kitchen!

*Guys, I’m sorry I cannot find an equivalent male site, but if a reader knows of one then put the link in the comment box!

Love your body. Care for your body. Every-body is pretty fabulous.

Peel Away ❤





I Shore Gots a Purty Mouth ;)

As you’ve probably noticed I’m black. Not Halle Berry black, like, really black. My severe cocoa complexion has really held me back from canon-balling into the makeup world. For starters, I really need to pile it on if I want everyone to even notice. Second, a lot of makeup people in the area have very little experience working with black skin, especially my shade of black, so they aren’t so great at finding me appropriate product (or they love to go over the top!) I’ve also never really had the luxury of hiding any imperfections with concealer. MAC is the only store I’ve found that carries foundation in my shade, but since I’ve been forced to be really cognizant of my skin, I don’t actually need it. Because of this, I keep my makeup to a minimal: some Bag Balm Vaseline for the lips (if it can make a cow’s udder soft and supple I’m certain it can work on me!), some mascara to open the eyes up, a dab of perfume, and some oil for the hair.

I started getting into lipstick last fall. There is something nostalgic about it. Mayhaps it’s the memories of sitting on the bathroom toilet and watching my mom apply it with precision? It’s oddly symbolic. It says, “I’m a woman; goodbye lip gloss.” It looks great in the bottom of a purse, and there is something authoritative and sexy about pulling it out of your bag to reapply mid conversation.


Two colors for days you want to be a little subtle


Red lips: swimming in the deep end. When you sport a red kisser you have to own it 100% or it’ll own you. You cannot look shy or awkward around town in red lips, or you’ll look like a girl playing in her mom’s makeup cabinet.  Do what I did and try it out somewhere where no one knows you (I was in Montreal.) Get a little comfortable and then show it off to your friends.


I admit, the orange color doesn’t get out much.


This is my favorite shade, and I wear it on a very regular basis.


Shimmery pink is so fun, but you need to be wearing the right outfit or you run the risk of looking a little, eh, “Adult Film.”


Behind the scenes

Are there any other lipstick lovers out there?

Peel Away ❤