Follow Me Outside of WordPress

Hello, readers,

Here’s a techy heads up! News flash, I’m also on several other digital platforms. I highly encourage you to follow me! My Instagram page is primarily photos of all the foods I eat and make, with a few random pseudo-artsy crops of steeples and sunsets sprinkled in. And now that I just downloaded a framing app, you can see step by step pictures of how I bring meals together. My username is jocellyn88.

You can also find me over at Pinterest were I have food, clothing, crafts, and photos that I love. Pinterest is where I find a lot of my favorite recipes and food blogs to follow. It is also giving me lots of inspiration for fall fashion ideas; can you say sheer black tights all day every day for my senior year?

There is also my pseudo defunct Facebook page, which I would really consider booting up again if I had more followers.

Hint, Hint.


I like to write a lot on this blog, and that isn’t changing anytime soon, so Instagram and Pinterest are great places to pop in and pop out of my world having to read. Everyone needs an eye break.

Peel Away and onto those pages ❤



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