Lilac Aspirations

Ignore the dirt, please.

I was feeling a little frazzled this morning. I stayed up late and had to wake up early to get the car packed for the trip back to Burlington. Thankfully I was able to swindle my mom into letting me cut some lilac flowers off the bush to take back with me. I love the smell of lilacs. When I used to walk back from the bar with my friend I would pick them off the trees and wear them in my ‘fro (or pretty much shove them up my nose.) I’m planning on making a simple lilac and water toner. I guess I’ll dry the rest and use them when I need them. Pretty exciting!

Oh yes, I also saved a frog (and beetle that hitched a ride on the frog) from a slow, watery death. +1 million bagillion points for me!

I’m going to be moving into the apartment tomorrow, so I’ll try to take pictures of the final product. I’m really excited to make this place (aka the living room) my own.

Peel Away ❤


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