Waste Not, Want Not: Sangria!

I’m really fond of my little phrases, if you haven’t noticed.

Up there with “God helps those who help themselves,” (say that 10x fast) I’m a big fan of “Waste not, want not.” I employed that ideology this afternoon when I found myself in bed with a mushy peach.

“You might be  a healthy eater if…”

I know, right? How I’ve been sitting in bed with a peach, unbeknownst, since I’ve been home from work is a little concerning, but I showered today, thus the peach made its way back into the kitchen. It was a day past the gushy phase, and I almost threw it into the trashcan when my eyes settled on the bottle of red wine I’d bought the previous night. Makeshift sangria…?Mmm, makeshift sangria!

I sliced off the undesirable bits until I was left with a few peach slivers. I artfully arranged them in the bottom plopped them into a  glass and sufficiently doused them in red wine. The bottom bit was heavenly. Imagine if the poor peach had landed in the trashcan? I would have been stuck with an average glass of Cab. The travesty.

Waste not, want not, I tell ya!

Peel Away<3


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