I didn’t win best dressed in High School for nuttin’

You know my thoughts about wearing sweatpants to class. Unless you’ve been up all night with the worst sickness imaginable, and are dutifully dragging yourself to an 8am, it just shouldn’t happen. Dressing nicely makes you feel good. It’s like an instant dose of confidence to get you through the day. And trust me, you don’t have to have a big budget in order to look cute. 90% of my closet is second hand clothing from the Goodwill or Plato’s Closet. Here’s one of my favorite outfits, which employs awesome layering and accessories.

I build my outfits from the pants up. These are my favorite pair of jeans, which I got from Plato’s Closet. They’re City Girl jeans and you can find them for $30 at Macys. I’m a big fan of the skinny jean cut because they slide easily into my boots, and I can cuff them instead of getting them hemmed.

My boots are actually the most expensive part of the outfit. They’re Bandolinos and are the perfect boots if you live in a wet part of the country. The leather is soft, but sturdy, which means you don’t have to condition and shine them every time you step outside. Knee high boots look flattering on all legs. I notice boots that are above the knee or hit mid-shin have a tendency to knock a few inches off of someone, and at 5’3 I take all the inches I can get.


I’m also a wicked big fan of cardigans. This one is my absolute favorite. It’s 100% cashmere and I snagged it at Goodwill with my 30% employee discount; Cha-Ching! Magazines talk a lot about pieces that can go from day to night, but you should also look for items that can transcend seasons. This sweater is not too hot for the summer or too cool for the winter. Under it I’m wearing a men’s Landsend shirt. Men’s shirts are great because the arms are a little longer and wider, which makes casually rolling the sleeves a lot more comfortable. If you have a smaller frame, but big breasts, it can be really hard to find a button up that flatters your figure and accommodates the girls. The buttons either gape or you’re swimming in the fabric. Finally, the longer length of the shirt is great for people who wish to wear leggings, but want a little more bum coverage.

Oh, why hello. Just feeling fly.


If I had worn this outfit with my leggings, I probably wouldn’t use the belt. That’s because you need to keep a ratio of loose to tight articles of clothing. But since I wore jeans, the belt really cinched everything together. I’m personally a fan of the smaller belts. To me big belts say ‘I’m really trying to create a waist.’ I feel your pain, girl’s with non-existent waists, as I go straight down, but the skinnier belt is subtler. Plus, you’re more likely to find one with quality leather compared to those nylon ones with shiny, pleather buckles.

Finally, we come to the accessories. Since this outfit is pretty compact (aka: not to billowy) I didn’t want to wear a big scarf to distract from the form and my faux waist. Instead, I decided to go with a delicate necklace. This necklace is actually made up of mala beads, which I handmade during Yoga Teacher Training. Believe it or not, it was a 4 hour, incredibly arduous task. I needed full concentration, as arts and crafts were never really my forte.

Holla for my mala!


Dressing well is really the delicious cherry on top. I eat well, which is has a huge bearing on my body’s shape, and I exercise to keep everything where I want it to be. Of course I don’t want to cover my body in drab clothes! I want to give it the respect and showcase it deserves, and you should too! Dressing fly makes you feel like this:

I'm ready for my close up!


And what in the world is better than that?!


New York & Co Cardigan: Normally $8.00 ($5.50 with GW discount)

Bandolino Boots: $110 on Sale from $160!!!

City Girl Skinny Jeans: $11

Men’s Landsend Shirt: Normally $4.99 ($3.50 with GW Discount)

Leather Belt: $1.99 @ GW (I didn’t have my employee card. No discount for me that day. Good thing I wasn’t breaking the bank!)

Mala Beads: Blood, sweat, tears. Priceless.

Watch: $10 Rite Aid. I always break watches & sunglasses, so I buy them cheap.


So, for the love of all things snazzy, peel yourself out of those sweats and into something fabulous! ❤


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