Reading Break

I’ve thoroughly whipped all your eyes into shape with these last few posts pushing 900-1,000+ words. So I’ll give you all a break. Here are some fun pictures from my Christmas break. I went through a lot to get these. I had to friend my sister on Facebook. You see, she used to always tattle on me as  wee one about my Myspace (haha, yeah, that site) life to my mother and get me in trouble.  I cannot really say I’ve let it go, but she took so many cute pictures of me and Chris, so allow me to gush for a few moments about how adorable my dude is 🙂

So here we are opening gifts. At my house we do Secret Santa. My mom got Chris, which was lucky for him. Notice the Mimosa glass in the background. It’s a family tradition. My parents finally decided last Thanksgiving that I was FINALLY old enough to partake in some holiday chugging sipping.

I got the one thing I really wanted: SHAKTI YOGA SHORTS! Honestly, these things are awesome. The sides are adjustable. They are cut in a way that you don’t need to get a bikini wax. You don’t get a camel toe– what more could a girl want?

“I’m with her.” Note: This never looks this good by the time we get to this pose in Ashtanga. Usually my knees are all bent and I’m all shaky waiting to die.

Now we take obligatory pictures under the tree!

My sister & my mom. Notice the intense family resemblance (hint: I’m adopted)

I think my massive bowl of Shrimp is justttt out of shot. Chris looks adorable here ❤

And now we kiss under the Mistletoe. We had two at my house, so double the fun!

Chilling in front of the heater with our morbidly obese– but happy– pug Max.  I was definitely gearing up to pass out in front of the heater.


Here is a random photo from New Years Eve. I’m trying to dance my way out of all the photos I was ruining. I generally take horrible candid photos where my mouth is all open and I’m slouching and my lips are lazy.


And last, but not least, me as a young one. I found this Christmas morning. I think I’m like twelve here. Look at that stance! I was so full of sass-itude.






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