Body Image Series!

Hello, Peelers,

Can I call you guys that? It kind of has a cute ring to it.  There. It’s settled.

So today’s post is going to be short, as I’m going to bed a wee bit earlier tonight so I can wake up and go see my absolutely adorable friend Charlie who I haven’t seen in more than a year. I’m beyond excited and feel like a little kid on Christmas morning. Wee! I’ve been thinking of some posts to write and I would like to start doing a body image series. We’re constantly bombarded by good and bad media—magazines, internet sites, television shows, etc—and all those images undoubtedly change how we think about our body, but at the same time we must take some sort of control over our feelings. I’ve never been considered overweight and I’ve never suffered from an eating disorder. However,  like most people I have had doubts about my body, and I’ve spent a long time wrapping my mind around those thoughts. The world isn’t just A and Z or black and white; there is a lot of compromise that goes on in between. Maybe being a Pisces—an astronomical flip-flopper that any politician would envy—is what helps me to see all the shades.  Here are some posts I’m going to bring to you in the upcoming days. No worries, I’ll also throw in some bits on diet and exercise so this doesn’t go 100% self help.

Body Image Topics

– The health risks of being “skinny” and complacent

– How dressing right will boost your confidence & perceived self-worth

– Girly Chat: Re-evaluating the term “Real Women” (hint: I absolutely loathe that phrase, so get ready for a post that isn’t all “ra-ra-sis-boom-bah: death to all women without hips.”)

– Websites and magazines to look to for positive ideas and images

–  Mirror, Mirror + Touch My Body + Move it, Move it: We spend so much time wrestling with our bodies and being angry at them that we don’t really get to know them.  I’ll share why I think looking at yourself (yup, I’m the queen of vanity), touching yourself (not that way…Unless you want to, because that’s totally cool too), and moving our bodies is the best thing we can do for ourselves.

There, that should take us through the rest of the week and weekend.

Did anyone try out Random Abs today? I went to Ashtanga this afternoon and I’m pleasantly sore, so I didn’t do any other workouts. The knee is acting up a bit, though, so I’m about to pop 2 glucosamine pills and head to bed. Tonight is the last night of sleeping alone in my scary apartment. Chris is in Montpelier and I legitimately slept with a hammer under my pillow and the French doors to my bedroom latched. Of course, I’m really just scared of monsters. I think my basement is inhabited by dark agents, and I’m pretty sure a hammer wouldn’t really stop them, but it gives me a small sense of safety since Chris forbade me to sleep in my car…

Peel Away

❤ Jocellyn


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