Stop & Listen

We’ve talked about what you need in the kitchen and how to make a fail proof shopping list, but there also needs to be change within you. Say you are a writer who uses a simple spiral bound notebook and pencil. Getting a mole skin and $30 engraved pen isn’t going to make you any better of a writer unless you alter your mind, aka: lifestyle. There are thousands of books that will tell you how to lose weight and how to get six-pack abs. Let’s be honest. We all know most of them are crap. My advice is to avoid these types of books when you’re first starting out. Instead check out reads like

The Omnivores Dilemma

Last Chance to Eat

and various other sources about our food culture in the states and abroad. These books will get you interested in eating without overwhelming you with food calendars on what to eat each day.

Around this time last year I stumbled up on Tara Stiles Youtube page. She’s currently the yoga spokesperson for Nissan, owns Strala Yoga Studio in New York City, and has an awesome new Tumblr that is worth check out. Yogi’s and yogini’s either love her or hate her, I personally adore her because she got me hooked on yoga, but she said something in one of her videos that changed my perception on how I eat and really put me on the path I’m running. I know what I’m about to say seems pretty obvious, but I can’t really think of a time that I’d ever heard anyone say it. The key to eating healthy is tuning into our own body and just listening.

As a country we’ve become so, so, so accustomed to stuffing our faces with whatever is in front of us. And, even more dangerous, we’ve become accustomed to feeling like crud after we eat. The stomach grumblings, headaches, lethargy, and quick trips to the bathroom are simply not normal, yet we’ve accepted them as the status quo. I think this stems our sports driven mentality of ignoring pain and pushing though. It’s the whole “pain is weakness leaving the body” line. If you eat healthier you will find yourself feeling light afterward and shouldn’t feel the need to crawl into bed. The rumbling sound in your belly is your body working really hard to break down what you’ve just put into it. Did you know that digestion is one of the most labor intensive tasks our body does? Why make it any harder.

Aside from listening to how our body feels about what we’ve given it, we also need to listen to what our body wants to eat. Some days our body is more ravenous then others. It wants nutritional, caloric dense foods: some meat, healthy fats like the ones in avocados, good carbs like yams and oats. Other days our body wants time to relax and you’ll crave fruits and raw veggies. Every once in a while my tum-tum desires the night off and says: just feed me one of those awesome berry cups from the grocery story; I’m all but happy to oblige. So try out this type of living for awhile. Too often we listen to what our sweet tooth or lazy brain wants. Take into account how you feel after you eat. I was shocked at how complacent I was to the pains I had. It’s a really hard thing to do, because in part you are accepting that you were once hurting yourself. It’s much easier to pretend that it’s normal because everyone else is feeling the same way. You will definitely feel like an outsider to many of your friends, who might find your new habits weird, new age, hippy, etc, etc. I say one thing: (queue angry mom voice) don’t you EVER be ashamed or embarrassed about taking your health into your own hands.

Just remember that all of it is a slowwwww process. It took me months to figure out what my body needs and doesn’t need, to reset my taste buds and perceptions, and to build up the courage to try new things. I really encourage you to use Youtube as an information source. If you’re considering going full out vegetarian (or trying to use less meat) then go to some videos. Find a personality you can really connect with. I love listening to a 10 minute clip as I get ready in the morning from one of my favorite raw-foodie lady. It’s a great motivational way to start out the day in a healthy mindset.


Peel Away ❤


Ps: The video above is a great listen. Even if you aren’t a raw food eater, there’s a good chance that people will be unsupportive of a healthy lifestyle.


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